Ethics of the Environment: Precautionary Principle
To promote ethical consideration of scientific and technological developments among Member States, UNESCO shall elaborate recommendations to its Member States on the Precautionary Principle.
A group of experts has therefore been brought together to advise the Division of Ethics of Science and Technology on the Precautionary Principle, its scope and its applications. COMEST will then be invited to make recommendations to UNESCO on the Precautionary Principle based on the work of the expert group, with a view to creating a soft discussion platform for Member States.


A study of the Precautionary Principle (PP) and its difficulties and implications for decision making and science should be undertaken with the general aim:
to clarify the PP for decision makers and scientists in order to achieve a more informed debate of the principle and to serve as reference for possible further implementation of PP to present recommendations on how PP can contribute to a sustainable future.

Working schedule

First meeting: Paris, May 12 and May 13, 2004
Second meeting: Paris, September 17 and 18, 2004
Third meeting: UNESCO Office in New York, NY, November 26 and 27, 2004

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