Ethics around the World: organisation and finances
In order to organize the conference, an arrangement will be made with a hosting organization. In most cases this will be the National UNESCO Commission, but it can occasionally be another organization, such as a national bioethics committee or a university department.

This type of conferences usually is a low-budget event.

UNESCO will take care for the travel and accommodation costs of the IBC member involved, the COMEST member involved and the Secretariat.
The hosting national organization will take care for:
o costs of conference (accommodation, facilities, meals)
o costs of invitations
o travel and accommodation costs for national experts
o interpretation, if necessary.
The number of national experts who will be invited depends on the needs and wishes of the host country. For example, if the focus is on consultation in the context of the declaration on universal norms on bioethics, a wide variety of experts might be invited to reflect the diversity of moral perspectives and traditions within the country (or the region); in this case the number of experts might vary between 40 and 100.
If the focus of the conference is on ethics teaching, the participating experts will most probably be university teachers involved in ethics education; the number of invited national experts might in this case vary between 20 and 40.

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