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Teaching ethics
How does UNESCO intend to address the issue of teaching of ethics in scientific education? Is UNESCO's Education Sector involved?
In the next biennium UNESCO will give priority to establishing and improving ethics teaching in the framework of its Ethics of Science and Technology programme. The Division of Ethics of Science and Technology is developing the Ethics Education Programme. There is and will be cooperation with the Education Sector.

One of the envisaged tools is the creation of regional networks of ethics teachers. Databases of teaching materials and teaching programmes will also be developed, elaborated with the participation of Member States and made available to them. The Teaching of Ethics report, adopted by COMEST at its third session, is a starting point and can be adapted in its application to the specific needs of the developing countries and regions on which the Division of Ethics of Science and Technology will focus. As a first step, the regional teaching pilot programs in ethics will be developed in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe and, at a later stage, will be used in other regions. By the end of the biennium (2004-2005) UNESCO will have instituted the pilot project, elaborated model curricula and made publications so that other regions can benefit from the lessons and results.

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