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This site provides a range of services and facilities including access to the Society’s journals, news of recently published science and the opportunity to purchase our publications online.


International science journals

The Royal Society publishes seven journals, covering the breadth of the biological and physical sciences, as well as the history and philosophy of science.  All science published in our journals is subject to stringent peer-review. 

Biology Letters publishes short, innovative and cutting-edge research articles, accessible to scientists from across the biological sciences.   

Journal of the Royal Society Interface publishes contributions from the interface between the physical and life sciences.

Notes and Records reports on the most current research and archival activities in the field of History and Philosophy of Science.

Philosophical Transactions A and Philosophical Transactions B focus upon commissioned themes, reviews and the Society’s internationally acclaimed Discussion Meetings.

Proceedings A publishes the latest research in all aspects of the physical sciences.

Proceedings B publishes high-quality submitted research articles across the full spectrum of the biological sciences.

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FirstCite® is the Royal Society’s early online publishing service. It allows publication of fully citable articles up to 10 weeks before publication of the printed journal issue. FirstCite® provides scientists with first opportunities to read and cite our articles, regardless of their scheduled future journal issue: it recognises the emerging need among readers and authors for a publishing model that is article-based rather than merely journal issue-based. Full content is available to subscribers while free abstracts are available to non-subscribers.


Online submissions system

All our journals have now migrated to Manuscript Central. For more information, please see the authors area of this website.


CrossRef® active reference linking

CrossRef® is an innovative service that enables the world's leading scholarly publishers to link reference citations to the online content cited by those references, typically located on a different server and published by a different publisher. Readers (where reference links are established from an article’s reference section) have the opportunity to directly reach the journal containing the cited work. The journals of the participating publishers can similarly link to cited articles in the Society’s journals.


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