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Digital Simulation Laboratory

imageThe Digital Simulation Laboratory (DSL) takes clients on virtual tours of completed projects depicting everything from the finishes of buildings to how they fit into their surroundings. Sophisticated computer software builds realistic images on computer screens from raw materials such as scientific data, detailed building plans, maps, video, computer graphics, and samples of textures and colours. The images can be animated to give the impression of walking through or around a project.

The DSL has been actively developing this leading-edge technology for application in the Canadian engineering and architectural fields since 1992. While the main focus of the lab is on projects for federal and provincial government departments and agencies, some work is carried out for private-sector organizations. Each project provides an opportunity for the DSL to advance its 3D simulation capabilities. These new capabilities become services that can be used for the benefit of future clients.

The DSL completes its projects within tight timeframes and on a cost-recovery basis. This mode of operation has enabled the lab to sustain itself while continuing to develop new technologies such as virtual reality, sun and shadow analysis, wind and snow analysis, stereolithography, dynamic and static digital rotoscopy, 3D web interfaces, and Voxel.

DSL services have been used in projects around the world, from the new High Commission staff quarters in Kuala Lumpur to the new Canadian Embassy in Berlin and the new Canadian Chancellery in Geneva. In Canada, the lab has been involved in several projects, including the National Defence Naval School in Québec City, the Canadian Space Agency in St-Hubert, the National Archives in Ottawa, the Governor General's Residence in Québec City, the Québec City Congress Centre, Confederation Bridge, and the Parliament Buildings.

Reviewed: 2000/03/27
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