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March 29

Doing Business - Winter 1999/2000

February 9

Software Acquisition Reference Centre



December 13

Real Property — A Tradition of Innovation

November 29

Doing Business with PWGSC (newsletter)

November 26

Traffic Lane Switches to Occur in Hull

November 22

Speech by the Minister: Welcome Address to the 1999 Government on the Net Conference

November 6

Combined Bachelor's Quarters Implosion — Newfoundland

November 4

Bill C-10 — An Act to Amend the Municipal Grants Act

October 21

PWGSC Performance Report for the Period Ending March 31, 1999

October 7

Speech from the Throne 1999

September 20

Speech by the Minister: The National Surety Conference (bilingual speech)

September 13

Nanoose Bay: Statement of Reasons for not Giving Effect to Objections

September 3

Report of the Hearing Officer — Nanoose Bay Seabed Expropriation

August 20

Online IPS Marketplace redesigned and Vendor Application launched

July 6

Achievements '98

July 6

Nanoose Bay: Letters of objection made available to the public

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Reviewed: 2000-04-03
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