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Welcome to the Python And Zope job market. We place Python And Zope developers both in full-time positions, and in contract positions. We place people in both Europe and the United States. If this is the service that you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

This service is designed to get you the best possible developer for your needs. The process starts with us defining your requirements. Then I share that information with some six hundred experienced Python And Zope developers, and those people who are interested let me know. I carefully sort through the resumes, phone screen the candidates, optionally do reference checks, and present your company with the two candidates who best fit your needs. You then phone screen them, probably invite them in for a face to face interview, and make your hiring decisions. The objective is to provide value to the client company by getting the best possible candidates according to your values. For the candidates, I am pleased to be able to offer WebObjects positions, even in these tighter economic times.

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