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Candidate Salary Range Current Location Acceptable Locations Months Python Months Zope Zope Packages Python Packages Degrees Citizenship Currently Employed? Phone Screen Reference Checks
Resume #1154 100000 - 100000 Newark, CA Silicon Valley 1 12 None exUserFolder Formulator PageTemplates ZTUtils None None Completed U.S. no Ask For a Phone Screen Ask For a Reference Check
Candidate #1164 60000 - 80000 Your Home Town, State Anywhere 0 0 None None None Completed U.S. no Ask For a Phone Screen Ask For a Reference Check

Hiring Managers

BPG's primary business focus is placing Python And Zope professionals. If you are looking for such people, then our company (BPG) offers the best solution for finding such candidates. If you are interested in hiring a Python And Zope professional, send an email to

BPG knows many architects, managers, developers, system administrators, mentors, testers, web page builders, and user interface designers than anyone else in this market, and we have a great process for getting those people to meet you. BPG runs a webring which gives us great placement on the modern search engines. To help you find the right person, BPG can place your job advertisement on the website. This is the best way to have your job advertisement seen by the most professionals.

BPG can also offer next day placement service using our existing database of developers actively seeking work. If you need someone right away, we can search the database to find the best candidate. People who send in their resumes looking for jobs get registered in the database. The database currently has 638 registered experienced professionals, with more people being added all the time. The database is carefully indexed according to key characteristics. Thus it is a simple matter to search for people with the characteristics that meet your needs. When job seekers first register in the database, we send their resumes to the appropriate hiring managers. If the hiring manager is interested, we set up the interviews and facilitates the matchmaking process. This entire process has proven itself remarkably effective at finding the right person for each situation. With a large number of candidates, a carefully indexed database, and a real understanding of the hiring process, BPG can find you the person who best meets your job requirements; quickly and cost effectively.

BPG also understands the importance of matching different personality types, and will help you find the type of person who would best fit each position. The matching of professionals to hiring managers includes various subjective considerations which are simply not possible in a completely computerized process. With our track record of successful placements, BPG has shown an ability to match professionals with hiring managers that leaves all parties feeling good. If you are interested in hiring someone, send us an email to

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