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High School and College Graduates

Source: U. S. Census Bureau, 1990 Census of Population, Summary Tape File 3C and 3A, tables P-57 to P-63. Updated every 10 years. http://venus.census.gov/cdrom/lookup or http://factfinder.census.gov


High School Graduates include persons whose highest degree was a high school diploma or its equivalent, persons who attended college or professional school, and persons who received a college, university, or professional degree. Persons who reported completing the 12th grade but not receiving a diploma are not included.

College Graduates are persons who have received a college, university, or professional degree.

These data include only persons 25 years old and over. The percentages are obtained by dividing the counts of graduates by the total number of persons 25 years old and over.

Scope and Methodology:

These data are collected on the census long form. One in every six households received this sample questionnaire. Information of the accuracy of data and sampling is available at http://www.census.gov/td/stf3/append_c.html.

More Information:

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