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Departmental Performance Report 2006/2007

The 2006/2007 Departmental Performance Report for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is available in html format from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Web site at

Assessing the Performance of the RCMP: Core Surveys

Commissioner's Message

The RCMP’s Departmental Performance Report (DPR), for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2007, highlights our progress during 2006-2007 towards achieving our strategic goal of Safe Homes and Safe Communities.

The annual DPR is one of our primary instruments of public accountability. The evolution to strong and meaningful accountability between government and Canadian citizens is occasionally difficult – the “bottom line” is not always well defined. The RCMP strives to earn and maintain the trust and respect of Canadians by ensuring ownership, responsibility and accountability at every level.

From its roots as the North West Mounted Police, the RCMP has always been on the leading edge of policing. As the world and society have evolved, the RCMP’s mandate and influence have grown. I am sure that, in 1873, the first officers of the North West Mounted Police could not have imagined the scope and sophistication of the criminality we know in the 21st century. Keeping communities and Canadians safe in the face of new and emerging forms of crime demands constant vigilance and action.

To reflect the dynamic nature of today’s world, the RCMP has adopted and refined a highly flexible and proven strategic planning and performance management framework based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology. It has helped us to identify key priorities and to align our operations and management in support of key priorities. This report presents a summary of our performance and provides evidence of results achieved against our three strategic outcomes and our five strategic priorities.

I am pleased with our organization’s progress over the last year. None of this would be possible without the exemplary and essential services to communities across Canada provided by the 26,000 members and employees of the RCMP. This report details many examples of their fine efforts and accomplishments in support of keeping Canada safe and secure. It is the day-to-day commitment of our staff that makes the RCMP a strong and effective national police service.

Consistent with the Report on Plans and Priorities for 2006-2007, you will find at the end of this report a special chapter dedicated specifically to the integration of the Canada Firearms Centre and of the day-to-day operations of the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) into the RCMP.

I remain confident that the RCMP will continue to put the interests of Canadians first, to build on our legacy, and to continue to deliver high quality services to protect the safety and security of our citizens and our country, and to contribute to the global security environment.

William J. S. Elliott