The 5 Key Issues

side entrance• Expansion and improvement to renew and transform the visitor experience

• Engage with a new landscape and improved entrance sequence

• A generous free space, a year round community living room, a potential venue for political and social events, a beacon, and should provide a taste of a fuller Museum experience.

• Optimising ground floor space and improving revenue operations

• Creating opportunities to connect schools

• First project? How to deliver immediate impact without curtailing the medium and long term needs of the Museum

early exhibition• Relocating temporary exhibits to ground floor and completing the BC ‘story’ makes great sense, enables greater opportunities for world class exhibitions

• A new venue for a major exhibition that reunites BC’s cultural heritage for British Columbians in 2017, that will draw on private and public collections worldwide

• Promotion of Emily Carr – a permanent space for a local artist with international appeal

• Resolution of circulation – telling the story through a meaningful and legible journey

• An inspiring orientation space in conjunction with the lobby that showcases chosen collections; a ‘great hall’


• Seismic upgrade, building envelope condition and preservation risk well documented
• Reused as part of a conference, café, retail, auditorium building after retrofit

• Significant investments will be required to re-purpose archive building

• Combined with an improved lobby experience investment could significantly contribute to the overall improvement to the visitor experience, education, family album possibilities and research facilities

• Relocation of archive facilities to either Fannin or new purpose built accommodation

• Fannin TowerSeismic upgrade, building envelope condition and preservation risk well documented

• Floor-to-floor heights and column grid inefficiencies make the building 50% less efficient than purpose built collections storage

• Significant investments will be required to re-purpose Fannin Building

• These investments may not contribute to the visitor experience and functionality

• Seismic upgrade + extend floor plates + re-clad + hvac = significant investment; VFM?

• Other uses; archive, consolidated administration, rental/3rd party

cultural precinct• Space need should continue to be challenged – It’s also about efficiency and consolidation; Growth needs to be managed

• Currently Royal BC Museum occupies 310,061 sf (28,816 SM)

• Space increase (need) reduces by half if collections are re-purposed in new ‘fit-for-purpose’ building

• Long term strategy vs. Initial impact / game-changing project – tension or opportunity?

• Improved environmental conditions and carbon use; energy, water and waste – improved revenue and operating costs