Group Services

Crowd Lecture

If you are planning a visit with family or friends or for your school, Group Services can help you with your visit.

School Visits

To book your class for a school program, a self-conducted visit of the permanent galleries, or a Race to the End of the Earth exhibition, contact us:


Try our new online registration system for the most up-to-date program availability. If you are bringing your class, see your school administrator for your school’s username and password. Once your booking has been processed, you will be sent a confirmation number and letter.

Alternatively, you can print and complete this registration form and send it to us:

Fax: 250-387-0102
Mail: 675 Belleville Street, Victoria, BC V8W 9W2


Collections Tours

To book a collection tour, contact the Group Sales Coordinator a minimum of two weeks in advance:


The Royal BC Museum welcomes school visits on both guided and self-guided tours. More details about our school visits program.

Please bring only smaller bags or packs and leave any non-essentials in your vehicles, on the bus, or at your school. Bags larger than 30 cm by 30 cm are not allowed in the museum’s exhibit areas. Exceptions will only be made for First Aid and health-essential equipment bags.

We can not provide secure storage for oversize items brought by visiting groups. If you have no other option, a member of your group can monitor an open, non-secure storage area, which you may use at your own risk, if available. Non-secure storage spaces can fill quickly during busy group visit periods.

Tour operators, hotels, and other tourism-related organizations can sign up for our Voucher Program. Each voucher distributor can sell vouchers to people and groups who want to visit the Royal BC Museum.

For information on the voucher program, contracts and pricing, please contact the Sales Department:

Phone: 778-679-0380