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A-side - Physical sciences

ACME - Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education

ALLEA - All European Academies

AMS - Academy of Medical Sciences

Aventis book prize - The Aventis Prizes celebrate the very best in popular science writing for adults and children. The Aventis Prizes are managed by the Royal Society and generously supported by the Aventis Foundation.


B-side - Biological sciences

BA - British Academy

Biology Letters - publication - Biology Letters publishes short contributions from any branch of biology, preliminary and more speculative work of high quality is strongly encouraged. Biology Letters is a companion to Proceedings B.

BM - Biographical Memoirs


DEFRA - Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

DfES - Deparment for Education and Skills

DH - Department of Health

Diagnostic Tests - Look for alterations in the DNA sequence of a gene. Some alterations may indicate an increased risk of developing a specific disease or disorder.

Discussion meeting - The Society’s scientific discussion meetings address areas of rapidly developing, inter-disciplinary research. Although all are welcome to attend, these meetings are aimed at those with considerable knowledge of the subject area.

DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid. The substance, present in living cells, that contains genetic information. Strands of DNA are made up of chemicals called ’nucleotides’.

DNA Sequence - The order of nucleotides making up a strand of DNA.

DotHodge - Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow

DTI - Department for Trade and Industry

DTI - Department for Trade and Industry


e-GAP - The Royal Society’s electronic Grant Application and Processing system

EASAC - European Academies’ Science Advisory Council

EC - European Commission

ESF - European Science Foundation

EU - European Union

Excellence in science - The Royal Society’s bimonthly news publication


F&GP - Finance and General Purposes committee who help to decide how the Society’s money is spent

FCO - Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Fellows - Fellows of the Royal Society are elected for life and designate themselves through the use of the letters FRS after their names. The main criterion for election as a Fellow is scientific excellence.

ForMemRS - Foreign Members of the Royal Society

ForSec - Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society

FREng - Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

FRS - Fellow of the Royal Society

FRSE - Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

FSA - Food Standards Agency

FST - Foundation for Science and Technology


Gene - A section of DNA which acts as a code for a particular characteristic. Genes make up 3% of our total DNA. The other 97% is called ’Junk DNA’ since it has no known function.

Gene Therapy - A way of treating disease, whereby damaged or abnormal genes are replaced with normal ones, or new genetic instructions are provided to help fight disease.

Genetic Tests - Look for alterations in the DNA sequence of a gene. These mutations may indicate an increased risk of developing a specific disease or disorder.

GERC - Global Environmental Research Committee


IAC - InterAcademy Council

IAP - InterAcademy Panel on International Issues

ICSU - International Council for Science

IGBP - International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme

IOB - Institute of Biology

IOM - Institute of Materials

IOP - Institute of Physics


MOD - Ministry of Defence

MRC - Medical Research Council

Mutation - An alteration in a DNA sequence.


N&R - Notes and records

NAS - National Academy of Science

NERC - National Environment Research Council

NESTA - National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts

NFU - National Famers Union

Notes and Records - Notes and Records is the Royal Society’s journal on the history of science. Each issue highlights fascinating examples of science shaping our lives, revealing reminiscences and discoveries, and authoritative book reviews.


OST - Office of Science and Technology


Peer review - To evaluate professionally a colleague’s work

PGA - Parliamentaery Grant in Aid

POST - Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Prize lectures - Prize lectures are awarded to individual scientists in recognition of their outstanding contribution to a particular area of science, engineering or technology.

Proc.A - Proceedings A publication

Proc.B - Proceedings B publication

Proteins - Biological compounds, essential for all life processes. The information needed to make proteins is encoded in genes.

PRS - President of the Royal Society

Public lectures - Public lectures last around 1 hour, including time for questions from the audience. No prior knowledge of the subject is expected.


RAEng - Royal Academy of Engineering

RGS - Royal Geographical Society

RI - Royal Institution

RS - Royal Society

RSC - Royal Society of Chemistry

RSE - Royal Society of Edinburgh


Sec.A - Physical Secretary of the Royal Society

Sec.B - Biological Secretary of the Royal Society

SET - science, engineering and technology

SIS - Science in Society

SMC - Senior Management Committee made up of Directors and heads of sections

SPB - Strategy / Policy Board made up of Executive Secretary and Officers of the Royal Society

Summer science exhibition - A free event which offers a fantastic opportunity to discover the best of the UK’s science and technology research, where visitors get to meet and talk to the researchers themselves who are behind the work on show.


Therapeutic Proteins - Have some medical benefit. They occur naturally, but can also be manufactured via genetic modification.

Trans A - Transactions A publication

Trans B - Transactions B

Treas - Treasurer of the Royal Society


URF - Royal Society University Research Fellow


Year book - Year book of the Royal Society created annually with details of Society’s membership and activities





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