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Browser Support

What browsers does tribe.net support?

Tribe.net is designed to display best on the following web browsers:

Users with the following browsers are encouraged to upgrade to a modern web browser, to enjoy page layout and functionality as they were designed:

What are Web Standards?

Tribe.net's pages are designed for modern web browsers that support web standards, as promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Browsers that follow these standards render pages consistently, offering uniform display of HTML and secure web-based transactions. Tribe.net applies a variety of techniques to design pages that are standards-compliant, and reliance on browser-specific workarounds is kept at a minimum. By designing for a standard, rather than specific web browsers, tribe.net can offer the best experience for all users, no matter how they view tribe.net. Most browsers are available in newer versions that support web standards. Upgrade your favorite web browser now.

For more information on web standards, visit the Web_Standards_Project_website.

Does tribe.net support browsing on a PDA?

Tribe.net is not currently designed for browsing on PDAs and other mobile devices. However, efforts are underway to evaluate PDA support -- first on key pages, and then on the rest of the site.

But I'm on a Mac using OS9!

Fear not. Mozilla 1.2.1 has decent standards support and is available for OS9. It's available here. Or, if you prefer, you can use Netscape 7.


How do I register to join tribe.net?

To become a member of tribe.net, click the "join or login" button that appears in the top right corner of your screen. Fill out the information, and click "submit." Make sure you add information next to the boxes marked with orange asterisks, or you will be asked to re-submit the form. You must be at least 17 years old to join this service, and you must have a valid email address.

After you submit your registration info, we'll email you a confirmation link immediately. If you don't see it in your email inbox, check your bulk mail folder.

Can I still use tribe.net if I haven't registered?

You can read content on tribe.net and post certain types of content if you choose not to become a member. However, we believe that the content on tribe.net is most useful when it is clear who created it and so you must be a member in order to post recommendations, requests, and within tribe discussions.

What's FOAF?

FOAF (Friend of a Friend) is a special technical format that makes it easier for you to manage both your profile and your social network across different systems and Web sites. If you already have a FOAF file, you can upload it to Tribe.net to register quickly. Tribe.net automatically generates a FOAF file for all members; you can find it by clicking the FOAF icon located on your profile page after completing your registration.

For more information about FOAF, click here: http://www.foafnet.org/

How is my personal information displayed?

You can see what information other people can see about you by clicking on the Account link in the upper right hand corner and then clicking on your Bio information. Users can decide what information they want in their profiles.

My Tribe.net

How does the My Tribe.net page work?

The My Tribe.net page lets you track all of your activity in one place. You can reach this page by clicking the "My Tribe.net" link that appears at the top of any page.

To load this page by default whenever you log in, click the Account link that appears at the top of any page. Then click on change your start page. When your preferences appear, check the radio button next to "My tribe.net page"

What can I see on the My Tribe.net page?

  • Your main profile photo: click the image to view your basic profile.
  • Post to Tribe: click this button to create a listing, ask for advice or make a recommendation, or to create an event notice that may be used to invite others to a gathering.
  • Views on You: views on your profile are logged each time a unique Tribe.net member clicks into your basic profile during a Tribe.net session. In other words, if eight people have clicked your profile 14 times, only 8 views on your profile would be counted. The "views since" number is the total number of views on your profile since you last logged into Tribe.net.
  • My Bookmarks: Tribes, listings, recommendations and other content you've chosen to track.
  • Success Stories: send us a message about how Tribe.net has helped you or a friend, and you may see it in the Success Stories section.
  • Friends: people you know who've been recently active on Tribe.net. Click "view all" to see a list of all your 1-degree friends.
  • My Events: events you're hosting or have been invited by others to attend.
  • Upcoming Events: events from your personal network, your neighborhood, or from Tribes to which you belong.
  • Listings: free classified ads posted by your friends, their friends, or other Tribe.net members who live in your community. Use the pull-down menus that appear under the listings header to sort this content by region or by social distance (friends of friends).
  • Hide Photos: use this to hide member photos that appear with member listings. Click "show photos," and the images will reappear.
  • Tribes: discussion groups you've formed or joined. On the My Tribe.net page, Tribes with the most unread messages and recent activity will appear above other Tribes with less recent activity and fewer messages. To condense this list, click "short names." Click "full names" to see the complete title of each Tribe.
  • TribeCast icon: add a TribeCast module to your personal Web site to display your Tribes, listings, or friends -- anywhere on the Web. This page (link to TribeCast help page) has detailed information on how you can set up TribeCast to promote your favorite parts of our service.

My Profile

What is a tribe.net user profile?

A tribe.net user profile is a free, customizable profile page, where you share information about yourself. Think of it as your online identity page, where you can describe yourself in words and pictures. You can add many types of content to your profile quickly and easily, from simple photos and text to Amazon wishlists, your blog posts, favorite links, and more. You can also customize the layout and style of your page to fit your personality and promote the information that your friends and audience should see first.

What can I share on my user profile?

To start with, your user profile will display your picture and your user bio. It will also automatically display your friends, tribes you join, testimonials friends write for you, and recent activity like discussion posts and listings.

If you like, you can add more content modules to your profile - there are modules for adding pictures, creating a blog, sharing your Amazon wishlist, your del.icio.us links, and your listings, events, recommendations and other content on tribe.net. If you publish a blog elsewhere on the web, you can also share that (or any other RSS feed) on your profile. At any time, you can edit or delete modules on your user profile, to keep it updated with what you're doing and who you are.

How can I tell others about my user profile?

If you specify a handle for yourself, your profile will be available at an easier-to-remember URL (or web address), which will look something like this:


To select your tribe.net handle, click the account link in the site header, and then click the Choose your tribe.net handle link. Your handle can be any combination of letters and numbers, as long as it's less than 40 characters and does not contain any special characters that would confuse a web browser.

Can I customize my user profile?

Yes! You can customize your profile in two ways: you can edit the layout of the modules on your page, so you can place the most important content near the top of the page. You can also choose a style template for your profile, and select a color and style combination that best represents you.

Who can have a tribe.net user profile?

Anyone who joins tribe.net gets a free, customizable user profile.

How can I get a tribe.net user profile?

It's easy - join tribe.net now to get your free profile.

How much does all of this cost?

User profiles at tribe.net are completely free.

What are these tabs on the top of my user profile?

When you look at your own user profile, you'll see a set of grey tabs between your profile and the tribe.net site header. Use these tabs to view your profile and edit your profile's modules, layout and style. The tabs on the your profile are for your eyes only - other users won't see the tabs when they look at your profile, and when you look at other members' profiles you won't see them either.

How can I choose what content is shared on my profile?

Your user profile contains content modules, which are self-contained areas on the page that contain information about you: your bio, your friends, and other information you choose to display.

To view the complete collection of modules that you can choose from, go to your own user profile and click the Add Modules tab. Add a new module by clicking on its name, and filling out any information you'd like to share in that module. Click "Save," and your new module will be added to the top of your profile.

How many of each module can I add to my profile?

In general you can have 25 of each module. For example, if you have some specific way of categorizing your tribes you could have up to 25 different categories with one "tribes" module per category. The exception is the blog module: the tribe.net blog module always displays your latest blog posts, so you can only have one of those modules on your profile at a time.

Why can't I move my ID module?

Your user profile is very flexible - we've designed it so it can be an extension of who you are. You can move just about everything around, except for the ID module, which shows your name, main photo and other basic information. In the midst of all your personalization, it always stays at the top left corner of your profile, so others can tell who you are.

How can I edit or customize an individual module?

All modules on a user profile are customizable - depending on the module, you can choose how many items to show, change the title of the module, or determine whether the module is expanded or collapsed when other users first visit your profile.

To edit a module, click the Settings icon at the module's top-right corner. You'll be shown a screen similar to the one you saw when you first added the module. Remember to click "Save" when you're done making changes.

How can I delete a module?

Any module (with the exception of the ID module, the Bio module and the FOAF module) can be removed from your profile. To delete a module, click the Delete icon that is located at the module's top-right corner. You'll be asked to confirm your deletion before the module is removed from your profile.

What happens to the content in a module when I delete it?

It depends on the module. For most modules, which are just containers for content - your bio, listings, events, or blog entries - nothing will happen to the associated content. For example, if you delete a blog module, you're just deleting the settings that determine which posts are shown in the module. You can simply add a new blog module and your posts will be displayed in that new module as usual.

The same goes for modules that display content that is external to tribe.net - an Amazon wishlist module, or an RSS feed module, for example.

For modules that require you to actually enter information, like a free text module or a list module, that information is deleted along with the module.

How can I change the style of my profile?

Customize your user profile with any of the styles in the profile style gallery. To do this, go to your own user profile and click on the Edit Style tab tab. Click on a style's thumbnail image, or on the "Choose This Style" button below a style, to apply that style to your profile.

Can I design my own profile style?

The profile style gallery currently only contains styles created by tribe.net, but the gallery is meant to be a showcase for tribe.net members' creativity. Stay tuned for news on how to submit your own style for addition to the gallery.

What am I not allowed to share on my profile?

User profiles, like all other pages on tribe.net, are subject to the tribe.net Terms of Use. Please keep tribe.net a friendly environment for all people, by refraining from posting pictures, text, and other content that others may find offensive.

Can I post private blog posts?

By default, blog posts are publicly viewable. When you create your post, you have the option to make them "Friends Only", which means that they'll only be viewable by your friends.


Listings are an easy way to call on your friends and their friends to find what you need. Whether you're looking for a used car, a romantic restaurant, or a new job, you can publish and read classified Listings created by Tribe.net members in your backyard, or around the world.

How can I create a Listing?

To create a listing, click the "post" button that appears at the top of any page on our service.

On the next page, select the type of listing you wish to create:

  • Events: live music, nightlife, parties ...
  • Local Favorites: recommend a restaurant, band, café, etc.
  • Service Recommendation: refer others to a good dentist, a reliable plumber...
  • Miscellaneous Recommendation: review a Web site, a new album, the latest gadget...
  • Community: reach others in your region/city/neighborhood about volunteering, local announcements, or just to sound off.
  • For Sale: cars, furniture, garage sales ...
  • Housing: apartments, housing wanted, roommate situations ...
  • Jobs: full-time, part-time, contract positions, seeking employment...

Users who have not registered with Tribe.net aren't permitted to post recommendations, but they may read recommendations and requests for help posted by registered members.

Select a category; when the next page appears, choose a subcategory for your listing.

Step 1: Describe your listing

Choose a title that summarizes your listing, as well as a detailed description of what you're offering or seeking. If your listing is for a U.S. audience, enter the ZIP code for the area you'd like to target.

Listings with photos attract more attention: to add a photo to your listing, click "browse" to find an image on your hard drive. When you've uploaded the image to your listing, you'll see a thumbnailed version of the photo in your listing description.

Select "Hide my profile's picture for this listing" to hide your photo, or "make this listing anonymous" so no one will know who posted the listing. When you've prepared the title, description and selected a photo, click Next.

Step 2: Promote your listing

On the next screen that appears, you'll have the chance to promote your listing to specific Tribes you've joined, or to friends. Select as many as 5 Tribes in which your listing will appear; click the "Add Friends" button to send your listing to people you know. You can send this listing to friends who've not yet joined Tribe.net by clicking the "Add Email Addresses" button. When non-Tribe friends receive your listing, they'll also be invited to join your personal network.

Step 3: Publish your listing

After you've selected an audience for your listing, click the "Next" button to publish your listing. On the next page that appears, you should see a confirmation message that tells you when your listing will expire.

How do I Edit/Delete/Email a listing?

To edit or delete a listing you created, click the link for your My Tribe.net page at the top of any page. On the next page that appears, scroll down to the "My listings" section to see all of your active ads on Tribe.net. Click a listing title and a new page will appear that shows how your ad appears to other users.

Click "Edit" to see a page where you can edit all of the elements in your listing, such as the category, title, description and image. When you're finished editing each page, click "Next."

To delete your listing, click "Delete." Your listing will be removed immediately.

To relay a listing to another person, click "Email to Friend." The next page that appears provides a space for you to write a personal message that lets the recipient know why you're forwarding this listing. You may forward a listing to a maximum of three Tribe.net members at a time. For people outside our service, you may enter several email addresses, separated by commas.

How do I reply to a listing?

If you see a listing that catches your eye, click the title and you'll go to that listing's page. Click "Respond," and compose a message to the member who created the listing. Your message will appear in their Message Center.

How long will a listing appear on Tribe.net?

Listings are visible on our site for 30 days. Event listings will persist until the day after the event's start date. Recommendations were designed to be permanent points of reference for the community, and may not be removed after posting.

Where will my listing appear?

If you promoted your listing to a Tribe, it will appear on that Tribe's main page until it expires, or until other new listings move yours off of the main page. If your listing is pushed off a Tribe's main page, it will still be visible to members of that Tribe if they click the "view all" link in the listings area.

Your listing will also appear on the My Tribe.net pages of other members, depending on their relationship to you and their geographical location.

We've created a number of listings subcategories to make our service easier to use. Depending on the volume of listings in a given region or category, your ad may appear in other related subcategories.

For example, if you create a Listing to sell your inline skates, you'd select "For Sale/Sporting Goods" -- but your ad will appear in "For Sale/Household."

Listing Guidelines/spam policy

Tribe.net does not permit Listings to be used for spam, which we define as:

  • Listings posted in inappropriate categories
  • Identical or substantially identical Listings posted in multiple categories
  • Listings posted with excessive frequency
  • Keyword spamming -unrelated words in Listings intended to skew search results

What is a listings partner?

Tribe.net has formed partnerships with firms that provide us with frequently updated feeds containing information on jobs, real estate, and other areas of interest. If you respond to a partner's listing, you'll be taken directly to their Web site, and your reply will not be saved in the Sent folder of your Message Center.

What are Tribe Alerts?

If you choose to receive Tribe Alerts, listings posted by friends or within Tribes to which you belong will be emailed to the address you used to register with our service.

Manage which Tribes may send these messages by clicking the Set your tribe digest and alert preferences link within the Message Settings area, which you can find by clicking the "Account" link at the top of any page. Check the boxes that correspond to the Tribes from which you'd like to receive listings. When you're done, click "Save"


What are recommendations?

Tribe.net's recommendations permit you to ask for advice, or to offer your knowledge to others. Anyone may read recommendations posted to our service, but only registered members may make or ask for recommendations. Once posted, recommendations will appear in three general categories, all of which appear in the navigational bar at the top of any page:

  • Local Favorites: recommend a restaurant, band, café, etc.
  • Service Recommendation: refer others to a good dentist, a reliable plumber...
  • Miscellaneous Recommendation: review a Web site, a new album, the latest gadget...

How do I ask for a recommendation?

To make a recommendation, click the "post" button and select the "request a recommendation" link that corresponds to the appropriate category.

On the next page that appears, select a subcategory, then enter your request in the form of a question. For example, a request seeking a good spot for a good spot to watch football might read, "Does anyone know of a good sports bar in Santa Monica?"

Add a description that makes your request clearer, then select a location that pertains to your request. Add an optional photo, adjust your privacy settings, and click Next. On the next page that appears, promote your recommendation request to your Tribes or friends, then click Next to publish your request so it's visible to others.

Unlike listings in other categories, recommendations are designed to be permanent points of reference for the Tribe.net community - recommendations may NOT be deleted after they've been published.

How do I make a recommendation?

To make a recommendation, click the "post" button and click "I'm making a recommendation."

On the next page that appears, select a subcategory, then add your recommendation, making it sound like the answer to a question that someone would ask. When others search for recommendations, the comments you post will be returned in the form of an answer. So, if you're steering Dodgers fans to your favorite watering hole, add something like "Grunion's in Manhattan Beach = #1 sports bar!" to the area labeled "What are you recommending?"

Add as much information as you have about the location, then create a descriptive title for your review and pick a rating to let others know why you've created the recommendation. If someone else has created a similar recommendation, we'll automatically show it to you so you can add your review to theirs.

How do I edit a recommendation I created?

Browse to your basic profile page, and scroll down to the section titled, "Recommendations by [Firstname]." Click the title of the recommendation you wish to modify, then click the "edit" link that appears beneath Your Rating.

On the next page that appears, edit your recommendation, then click Submit.

How do I review a recommendation someone else has posted?

If you'd like to add your two cents to someone else's recommendation, click the Rate It button that appears in the upper right corner of your browser window beneath the recommendation's overall rating.

Choose a rating from one to five stars, create a title for your review, then enter the full text of your recommendation and click Submit. Your review will be added to the others immediately.


How do I upload an image to my photo gallery?

To upload a photo, log in to Tribe.net and click "Account" at the top of the right side of your screen. Click the "Manage Photos" link on the next page: when your Photo Album loads, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the section titled "Upload a Photo."

Click "Browse" to search your computer's hard drive for the image you want to upload. If you like, add a caption in the box below, then click "Upload." You may upload as many images as you like, as long as they're smaller than 500k, are in .GIF, .JPG or .BMP format, and comply with the policies listed in our Terms of Use agreement.

It may take a while for your photo to upload, depending upon the speed of your connection and and size of your photo.

The captions you add to your photos cannot be edited after images are uploaded.

How do I remove a photo from my gallery?

To remove a photo from your profile gallery, follow the upload instructions to add a second image.

Once there are two images in your gallery, you may designate one as your Main Photo and leave the other one up or delete it.

To upload pictures, log in to Tribe.net, click the Account tab at the top right side of any page, and select the Photos link in your account management area.

You may upload several pictures, but each image must be less than 500K and must be in .BMP, .JPG, or .GIF format.

How do I upload a photo to a Tribe?

If you belong to a Tribe, you have the ability to place images in that Tribe's Gallery. To add a picture, log in to Tribe.net and browse to the Tribe where you'd like to upload an image.

Find the Main Photo for the Tribe in the upper left corner of the Tribe's Home page and click the "add" link next to the photo, then follow the same steps you'd use to upload an image to your Profile Gallery.

Once you upload an image to a Tribe gallery, only you and the Tribe's Moderator will be able to remove it. If your image has been selected to be the Main Image, however, only the Moderator can delete it.

How do I upload a photo to a Listing?

Adding an image to a Listing will improve your results -- especially if you're posting an item for sale.

To add a picture to your Listing, click the "Browse" button during the first step in"Create a New Listing," and then follow the same steps you'd use to upload an image to your Profile Gallery.

What are Tribe.net's photo guidelines?

See Tribe.net's Terms of Use for details.

Can I post private photos?

When you upload a photo, you can mark them "Friends Only". This will make them viewable only by people who are in your friends list (i.e., first-degree friends).

How do I edit titles and descriptions of my photos

The titles and descriptions of your photos are editable. To change them, browse to the specific photo page in question, and then click the "edit title" or "edit description" link. You can edit the fields right there, without going to a different page. When you're finished, click the "save" button.

How do I make a photo "Friends Only"?

When you upload a photo to Tribe.net, you have the option to make photos only viewable by your friends (i.e. private), or to allow anyone to view your photos. You can also change this setting my browsing to the specific photo page, and clicking on the "edit privacy" link.

Who can comment on my photos?

By default, any Tribe.net member can comment on your photos. You can choose to allow comments only from your friends, or to turn off comments altogether. The controls for changing these preferences can be found in your Photo Album.

You can also delete unwanted comments from any photos that you own.

How do I know when somebody has commented on my photo?

When someone has commented on your photo, you'll receive an in-system message in your Tribe.net Message Center.

If you've elected to receive Email Notifications, we'll also send an email to the email address that you used when you registered.

To verify this setting, go to the Message Notification Preferences (link) in your Account Settings, and make sure that the "Other" box is checked.


How do I send a message to another user?

To send a message to another user, go to their Profile page by clicking their photo. On the left side of their Profile, click the "Send a Message" button.

The Compose New Message Page that appears will display the recipient's photo, along with a space where you can enter your message. Depending on how the recipient has set his or her Tribe.net preferences, your message will be delivered to their Tribe.net Message Center and/or the email address they used to register their membership.

Tribe Advice:

If you receive a spam message from another user, please report it to abuse@tribe.net so we may take immediate action.

How do I add a friend to my Network?

Have you found someone you already know on Tribe.net? Did you make an acquaintance through a listing, or in a Tribe discussion? Adding someone you like and trust to your Network makes Tribe.net more interesting and useful. As you add friends to your Network, you'll have access to more people who have answers and information that can be very valuable.

To add a friend to your Network, log in to Tribe.net and click their picture to view their Profile. On the left side of their basic profile, click the "Add to Friends" button.

The next page will feature the profile image of the person you're inviting to your Network, along with space for you to create a message that lets the recipient know why you'd like them to join your Network. Compose your message and click "Send."

The person you invited will receive your message, along with options to either accept or decline your invitation. If they agree to join your Network, you'll receive a confirmation message. If your invitation is declined, you will not be notified.

Tribe advice:

Be specific: if you're asking someone to join your Network because you share an interest or because they know a friend of yours, let them know. It might mean the difference between whether they accept or decline your invitation.

How can I remove a friend from my Network?

Log in to Tribe.net and find the "My Friends" section on the lower left portion of your Home page. Click the "View All" button, and a new screen will load displaying your friends on one or more pages.

Click the image of the person you'd like to remove from your Network.

On the left side of this person's basic Profile, click "Remove from Friends," then click "Confirm" on the next page. That person will be immediately removed from your Network. They will not receive a notification message, but the next time they look at their list of friends, you will no longer appear.

How do I invite a friend to join Tribe.net?

Click the "Invite" tab at the top of any page. On the next page, find a box under the heading, "friend's E-mails." Enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to invite to join your Network, separated by commas.

Tribe.net has already created an invitation message for you, but feel free to customize or replace it with your words. The invitation will automatically be personalized with the first and last name you entered in your Tribe.net account settings, and will contain your email address in the "From:" line. When you're finished customizing your message, click "Send."

The invitation will include a link that brings your friend to Tribe.net, where they'll be able to read more about our free service. If they accept your invitation, they'll automatically appear in your Network. If your friend doesn't accept your invitation within 7 days, we'll automatically send them a one-time-only reminder on your behalf.

If you'd rather invite your friends using your own email program, copy and paste the link that appears near the top of the Invite page. This is your personal URL for inviting your friends to join Tribe.net, so anyone who joins using this link will automatically be invited to join your Network. Consider adding the link to your email signature so people you know are likely to see it.

Tribe advice:

Take a moment or two to think about why you're inviting your friend to join Tribe.net. If you think it will help them make up their mind, talk about your positive experiences on Tribe.net, or mention mutual friends who have already signed up for our free service.

How do I invite a friend to join a Tribe I've created?

Go to the Home page for a Tribe you've joined and click the "Ask Friend to Join" button on the right side of the page.

You may invite up to three of your friends at once; click the drop-down boxes under "Your Tribe.net friends" to select them; you can always invite more people later.

If the people you're inviting are not on Tribe.net, find the box titled "Friends' E-mails" and enter their addresses separated by commas. Tribe.net has already created an invitation message for you, but feel free to customize it or replace it with your own words. The message we created is automatically personalized with the first and last names you entered in your Tribe.net account settings. When you've finished customizing your message, click "Send."

Tribe.net will not use or collect your friends' email addresses for marketing purposes, but they will receive a reminder if they do not accept your invitation.

How do I invite someone who's not a friend to join a Tribe?

To invite someone who is not a friend to join your Tribe, browse to their basic profile and click the "Invite to Tribe" button on the right side of the screen. On the next page, select a Tribe to invite this person to join from the drop-down list of Tribes you belong to. You may also compose a message so you can tell the invitee why you think they might enjoy the Tribe you're inviting them to join.

How do I create a Testimonial for another Tribe.net member?

You can tell everyone on Tribe.net how you feel about a friend by creating a Testimonial that will appear in their Profile. You can only create Testimonials for your 1-degree friends.

Click to your friend's Profile page, click the "more options..." button on the left side and then click the "Create a Testimonial" button.

On the next page, compose your Testimonial, and click the "Send" button. The Testimonial will be forwarded to your friend, who then has the option of accepting or declining it. If it's accepted, your message will appear at the bottom of their Profile page next to your current Profile photo.

Tribe advice:

The testimonial you create says as much about you as the person you're writing it for, so choose your words carefully.

How do I accept a Testimonial?

If a friend has written a Testimonial about you, you'll see a note on your Home page in the Action Items area. Click the notice to read the Testimonial and to see the profile photo of the friend who composed it.

If the Testimonial meets your approval, click "Accept" and it will automatically appear on your Profile for everyone on Tribe.net to see.

Tribe advice:

Remember, everyone on Tribe.net will be able to see your Testimonials, so consider each one carefully before approving it.

Delete a Testimonial?

If you've accepted a testimonial that you no longer want to keep, click your photo to return to the Basics tab on your Profile.

Click the "Testimonials for (Your Name)" header above the messages your friends created, and a page with all of your approved testimonials will appear.

Select the testimonial you want to remove by clicking on the text and select the "Delete" button on the View Testimonial page. The testimonial will no longer appear in your profile.

How do I delete a Testimonial I've written for someone else?

Just as in life, when you say something about someone on Tribe.net, there's no taking it back. If you decide that you no longer want a Testimonial you created to remain up on the site, please contact the person who received it and ask them to delete it. Tribe.net staff cannot remove a Testimonial that you created from someone else's profile.


How do I post an event?

Log in to your Tribe.net account. If you're viewing your Local Home page, click the "post to Tribe.net" button, then click the Events link that appears at the top of your screen. If you're elsewhere on our service, click the events link that appears at the top of your screen, then click the "post to Tribe.net" button. When the next page appears, select a category in which your event should appear, create a title, and then describe your gathering.

Choose a Start Date: if the event is scheduled to start or end at a specific time, use the optional Start Time and End Date settings.

If you know where your event will take place, add as much information as possible to make it easier for people to find it. Choose a region and city/neighborhood, or click the "Add Location Details and Contact Info" to add a street address and plot the location on a map.

Would you like your event to draw more attention? Click Browse to select an image on your hard drive that will appear in your Event listing. Once your image is uploaded, the page will refresh with a thumbnailed version of your photo. Click the Next button when you're done describing your event.

To promote your event to members of your discussion groups, select them from the list provided. If you want your event to be private, do NOT promote it to any Tribes and select the appropriate radio button.

You can click "Add Friends" to invite some or all of your 1-degree friends to this event. If you have more than 20 friends, use the Next button to find more people you may invite to your gathering. Click "Done" when you've finished.

You can also click "Add E-mail Addresses" to let people know about your event. Add as many addresses as you want (separating them with a comma) and click "Done" when you're finished.

When you're finished adding E-mail address, friends and tribes, click "publish" to publish your event.

Can I invite non-Tribe.net friends to an Event?

Yes! Click the "Add email addresses" button that appears on the Promote page and enter your friends' email addresses in the space provided. Your event invitation will be forwarded to them along with an invitation to join you on Tribe.net.

How do I edit an Event?

Click the Events link that appears at the top of any page on our service, then scroll down to the section, "Events I've Posted."

Click the title of an event you'd like to change, then click the "edit" button that appears on the next page. Edit your event information, clicking Next when you've completed each step. When you've published your event, you'll see a confirmation notice at the top of your screen.

How do I cancel an Event?

Click the title of the event you'd like to remove, then click the "Delete" button. Confirm your choice on the next page, and the event will be immediately removed from our site. Any friends you invited will receive a cancellation notice.

I'm not a registered Tribe.net member. How do I post an event?

If you don't have a Tribe.net account, click the Events link, then select the "post to Tribe.net" button that appears on the next screen.

Enter your event description, then add your email address to the space provided. If you'd prefer not to display your email address to other members, check the appropriate box to make your event listing anonymous. Click next, and Tribe.net will send you a link to verify your email address immediately. To verify, open the email and click the link contained inside.

On the next page that appears, you'll see a preview of how your event will appear to others. If you like what you see, click "Publish," and your event will be visible to other members of Tribe.net.


How do I join a Tribe?

If you've found a Tribe that you'd like to join, log in to Tribe.net, browse to that Tribe's home page and click the "Join Tribe" button located on the right side of the page.

If this Tribe is Public, click the "Join!" button to be added to its membership list. If you're trying to join a Moderated Tribe, you'll be directed to a page where you can create a message to the Tribe Moderator describing why you'd like to join his or her group.

You may only join a Private Tribe if you're invited by its moderator or another member of that group.

How do I join a Tribe message thread?

If you're a member of a Tribe, you can reply to a post in a message thread. Click the text in the "Topic" column to see all of the comments posted to a message thread. Message threads start with the oldest message, with newer messages at the bottom.

Messages posted to the thread since your last login to Tribe.net have a "new" icon next to the date/time stamp in orange text. Posts published in the last 24 hours have an orange date/time stamp. Any comments added to the thread in the previous 24 - 72 hours are displayed with a date/time in black text; messages older than that are dated with gray text.

How do I start a message thread in a Tribe?

Find the main page for a Tribe you belong to and click "Post a New Topic." You'll see a new page where you can enter a subject for your topic and a message. After you've created your message, click "Preview" to see what you've written. After you compose your message, click "submit" if you like what you see, or "edit" to make changes. Please consider your words carefully before publishing them; individual messages in a thread may not be edited or deleted after posting.

How can I delete a message thread in a Tribe?

An individual message you add to a discussion thread inside a Tribe cannot be edited or deleted. However, if you create a message thread, or if you're the Tribe's moderator, you may delete the entire thread.

To delete a message thread, click the subject of the discussion you want to remove. At the top of the screen, you'll see a "delete" link next to "Tribe Discussion." Click this link to delete the message thread.

Can Tribe.net notify me when I have new messages in a Tribe?

Yes, we can! Our email digests will bring the Tribe directly to your email inbox.

To start an email digest for a Tribe you belong to, click "edit account" button that appears on the My Tribe.net page, and then "Messages" on the following page. You may also click the Account link that appears at the top of any page on our service.

Scroll down on the Messages page, and you'll see a list of all the Tribes you belong to, along with pull-downs for Digest Frequency and Digest Type.

You may choose to receive Daily or Weekly Digests, and we can send them to you in either HTML (pretty!) or Plain Text (utilitarian). If you want your fellow and sister Tribe members to be able to send messages directly to your Friends' Mail folder, check the box in the right column.

How do I create a Tribe?

Log in to Tribe.net and click "Tribes" at the top of any page. On the next page that appears, select the "Create a Tribe" button.

As the Tribe's moderator, you must select a name and the most relevant category where your Tribe should be listed. Your Tribe will not be visible in the "Newest Tribes" area of the Tribe directory until it has at least three members.

Create a description for your Tribe using words that will attract people who have an interest in this topic. This description will appear when non-members view your main Tribe page, or when it appears as a result of a Tribe search.

Choose a Tribe type to specify who can join or see your Tribe:

- Public - anyone may see it, and anyone may join

- Moderated - anyone may see it, but new members must be approved by moderator or invited by a member of the Tribe

- Private - only visible to members; membership is by invitation only

Select a URL (Web address) for your Tribe to make it easier for your members to return. Words found in the dictionary cannot be used in the URL. For example, "cats.tribe.net" is not permitted, but "catpeople.tribe.net" is allowed.

Is your Tribe about a specific area? If so, enter a ZIP code in the space provided and select the "Regional" category.

You may upload a photo that will appear on your Tribe's main page. Upload as many images as you like, as long as they're smaller than 500k, are in .GIF, .JPG or .BMP format, and comply with the policies listed in our Terms of Use agreement. You may also upload one or more images later from the Tribe's main page or management page.

Click the "Create Tribe" button; the next page that appears will give you a chance to invite people you know inside and outside Tribe.net to join. If your invitation goes to friends outside Tribe.net, they'll need to become a member before they can participate in your Tribe. For more information, see FAQ section, Invite a friend to join my Tribe.

Tribe advice:

- Before you create a new Tribe, use the Search box in the Tribe Directory to see if there are any existing Tribes that have a similar focus.

- Be thoughtful when you create your Tribe's description; use words that will help other users who share your interest to find your Tribe.

- Upload a photo to make your Tribe feel more interesting and welcoming.

- Seed your Tribe with some relevant content. Start a discussion or two on the message board so that people will have something to see when they come by. If there are events that are relevant, add them to the Tribe's event list.

- Create a listing that promotes your new tribe. Let people know what the Tribe is about, and invite them to join.

- Visit your Tribe frequently. It's important that you know what's going on inside a Tribe you've created. If you don't come back often, why should your members?

How do I manage my Tribe?

To edit information about a Tribe you moderate, click the "Manage Tribe" button on the right side of your Tribe's main page.

The Basic Management tab allows you to edit your Tribe's:

- Name

- Category

- Description

- Type (Public, Moderated, Private)


How can I remove people from my Tribe?

Click "Manage Tribe" and select the "Membership" tab. A list of your Tribe's members will appear above a small checkbox. Check the box for the member(s) you'd like to remove and click "Delete Members."

The member(s) who has been removed will not be notified and will no longer see your group in his or her My Tribes area.

Tribe Advice:

If you find yourself removing users repeatedly, consider making your Tribe Moderated or Private.

How can I create an event?

Would you like to let everyone in your Tribe know about an upcoming occasion? Post an event message in a Tribe and it will appear on each member's Home page until the event occurs.

Click the "Create Tribe Event" button on the top right side of your main Tribe page, or scroll down and click the "Add an Event" button that appears under the Tribe's Discussion Board.

On the new page that appears, enter a title and a description for your event.

Choose a Start Date: if the event is scheduled to start or end at a specific time, use the optional Start Time and End Date settings.

Click "Submit." Your event will appear on the Tribe's main page and members of that Tribe will see the event posted on their Home page. Only 4 events will be displayed at a time on your Home page, but a Tribe may have an unlimited number of associated events.

How do I delete an event?

To delete an event you created, find the Tribe where your event is posted and click the word "Events" that appears in the small box on the left side of the page.

On the next page, you'll see a brief version of your event listing. The last column on the right will feature a "delete" link.

Click this link to remove your event. You must delete the event and start over with a new one -- events cannot be edited.

How do I create a Listing inside a Tribe?

To create a Listing that will be visible to members of your Tribe, scroll down the page to find the section titled "Listings from (Tribe Name)" and select the "post to tribe.net" button.

Enter a subject for your Listing and the information you'd like your fellow Tribe members to see. You must select a category, even if your listing is only for this Tribe. On the next page, you can select an audience for this listing; it can visible to your immediate friends, everyone on Tribe.net, or a level of exposure in between.

Click "Submit," and your Listing will appear on the Tribe's main page. This Listing will also be visible on the Home pages of people who are members of the Tribe where it was initially posted.

How do I leave a Tribe I've joined?

To leave a Tribe you've joined, browse to that Tribe's home page and click the "Leave Now" button located on the right side of the page.

Confirm your departure on the next page by clicking the "Leave Tribe" button again.

How do I delete a Tribe I've created?

Email your request to help@tribe.net with the words, "remove Tribe (Tribe Name)" in the subject line. Please be sure to use the exact name you created for your Tribe.

Before a Tribe can be deleted, it must be set to either public or moderated status. Private Tribes cannot be removed.

How do I know when someone has joined a tribe that I moderate?

Moderators of a tribe can elect to be notified whenever someone joins that tribe. This setting can be turned on/off by visiting the Manage Tribe page.


How do I send a message to another user?

To send a message to another user, go to their Profile page by clicking their photo. On the left side of their Profile, click the "Send a Message" button.

The Compose New Message Page that appears will display the recipient's photo, along with a space where you can enter your message. Depending on how the recipient has set his or her Tribe.net preferences, your message will be delivered to their Tribe.net Message Center and/or the email address they used to register their membership.

Tribe Advice:

Please be respectful and considerate when sending a message to other Tribe.net members, particularly people you don't know. Tribe.net takes harassment and abuse complaints very seriously. If you've received a message from another Tribe.net user that you feel is inappropriate or violates our anti-spam policy, please send a message immediately to abuse@tribe.net.

How do I manage my Message Center?

Your Message Center on Tribe.net is where all the notes you send and receive from other members are stored. The Message Center contains three folders: Inbox, Sent and Saved. If you activate the Inbox Controls in your Message Center, you can create a special "Other Mail" folder for messages received from people who are outside your network.

Reading Messages:

When you have new messages waiting, you'll see a notification in the Action Items section on your Home page. Click the notification message to see what's in your Inbox, or click "Messages" at the top of any page. An orange asterisk will appear directly next to the sender's name if the message is new or unread.

The Message Center only displays 15 messages at a time, starting with the last message received. If you have more than 15 messages in a folder, you can see past messages by clicking "Next 15" at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting Messages:

Right now, we don't have an option that will permit you to delete messages from your Inbox. We apologize for any inconvenience, and are working on restoring this feature.

Save a Message:

To save a message, check the box in the "Select" column for that message and click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. The message will be moved to the Saved Messages folder.

Forward a Message:

To forward a message, click "Messages" at the top of any page, and locate the note you'd like to pass on. Click the subject line, scroll down to the bottom of the new page that appears, and click "Forward."

A page will appear in your browser that displays all the friends in your Network. Click the button underneath the friend you want to forward the message to, and click "Select" at the bottom of the screen. On the next page, you have the option of adding some additional text to the message that's being forwarded.

When you've finished composing your message, click "Send."

Can I receive messages from other members via email?

You can have your Tribe.net messages forwarded to the email address you used to register for our service -- just log in to Tribe.net and click the "edit account" button that appears on the My Tribe.net page just above your profile photo. You may also click the Account link that appears at the top of any page on our service.

Click "Messages," then check the box next to "E-mail notifications."

Click "save changes," and messages, invitations and friend requests that appear in the "Friends' Mail" folder of your Inbox will be forwarded to the email address you used to create your Tribe.net membership.

How do I manage my Inbox Controls?

Tribe.net allows you to filter messages you receive into two separate folders: Friends' Mail and Others' Mail. To set your Inbox Controls so messages from your friends receive a higher priority, click the "edit account" button that appears on the My Tribe.net page and select the "Messages" tab on the page that appears. You may also click the Account link that appears at the top of any page on our service.

Near the text that reads "Network Size," choose the group of people whose messages you want to direct to your Friends' Mail folder. Messages from all other users will appear in your "Other Mail" folder.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes." Your message preferences will be activated immediately.

What's the difference between Friends' Mail and Other Mail?

If you use Inbox Controls to filter your messages, mail from people inside your privacy settings will arrive in your Friends' Mail folder.

People who are outside those settings or are not in your network will be prompted to include your first and last names or your email address when sending you a message. If they don't have this information, their note will automatically arrive in your Other Mail folder unless:

- They're in a Tribe with you.
- You replied to a previous message they sent that arrived in your Other Mail folder.

Spam Policy?

Tribe.net takes reports of spam on our system very seriously. If users are found to have violated our Terms of Use by sending unsolicited commercial messages to other Tribe.net members, we will terminate their accounts immediately. If you receive Spam from another Tribe.net user, please forward the message to abuse@tribe.net.

Abuse policy/guidelines

If you've received a message that is harassing, abusive, or contains another violation of our Terms of Use agreement, please forward the message immediately to abuse@tribe.net. To ensure that Tribe.net is a safe, trusted environment where all members are respected, we investigate all reports of inappropriate behavior.

Who is TOU Guy?

Terms of Use Guy works with Tribe.net to enforce the guidelines to which all members must agree before they may join our service.

When Terms of Use violations are reported, TOU Guy investigates the complaints that are recieved and takes appropriate action. Repeated violations of the Tribe.net Terms of Use will result in account deletion.

How can I confirm that someone is a Tribe.net employee?

You can find a list of Tribe.net employees by viewing our About page.

Privacy/Account Management

How do I change my basic profile information?

To edit your profile or to change your account preferences, log in to your account and click the "My Tribe.net" link that appears at the top of any page on our service. When the page loads, click the "Edit Profile" button that appears above your profile photo.

The next page that appears will display areas that permit you to edit your profile. Feel free to change this information whenever you like, but remember to click "Save" before moving on to a new page.

How is my name displayed?

Here's how names work on Tribe.net:

Your first and last names are shown to you and the people who are DIRECTLY connected to you -- your 1-degree friends.

Anyone who is 2 degrees removed will only see your FIRST name and the FIRST INITIAL of your last name.

People who are 3 degrees removed or more will only see your FIRST name.

So, if Josh is your friend, ( <-> Josh) he'll see next to your Listings, or a message you post in a Tribe.

Josh's pal Jane ( <-> Josh <-> Jane) will see you listed as .

Jane's friend, Peter ( <-> Josh <-> Jane <-> Peter) will see you listed as .

The only time your first and last names will be actively displayed to other users is if you send them a Message, an invitation to join Tribe.net, or if you accept an invitation.

How do I change the name that appears on my profile?

To change the first and/or last name associated with your profile, just click the Account tab at the top of any page and then on the Edit your Bio link. Now you can update the text where your name appears.

After you've edited your name, click "save" and your updated name will appear immediately in your profile.

Is my email address shown to other users?

There are *two* instances in which we reveal your email address to someone else:

1) When you invite someone to join Tribe.net, you are in essence sending them personal email (via Tribe.net) which comes from your email account.

2) If you use the "Make an Intro" tool, your email address is also exposed to the two people you want to get together.

Who can see my profile? What can they see?

Your profile is visible to all tribe.net users, you can configure many of these modules to remove information that you do not want others to see.

How do I cancel my Tribe.net membership?

To cancel your Tribe.net membership, please send an email to registration@tribe.net with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Please be sure that your email request originates from the account you used to create your Tribe.net membership so we may authenticate you.

A site administrator will contact you when the deletion has been made with a confirmation notice. Although your profile will be removed from the service, any Tribes, Listings or Messages you created will remain on our service. Your name will no longer appear with any content left behind after you leave Tribe.net.

What does Tribe.net do with my personal information?

Tribe.net doesn't sell, rent or exchange personal information about our members with anyone, and it's not in our plans to do so. We take privacy very seriously, which is why we help you manage the information you choose to disclose to other members.

How do I verify my Tribe.net account?

When you complete your registration, we will automatically send you a special link that you must click to verify your account. Until you click this verification link, you won't be able to use most of the free features that Tribe.net has to offer.

When the email with the verification message arrives in your inbox, click the verification link, or copy and paste it into your browser. When you do this, you'll either be taken to your Tribe.net Home page with a message confirming that your account has been verified, or you'll be asked to log in to your Tribe.net account before you are directed to your Home page and the confirmation message.

I didn't receive a verification message. What should I do?

Please return to www.tribe.net and log in with the password and email address you used to create your membership. When you see the "verify your account" link in the gray bar across the top of your screen, please click it and follow the instructions on the page that follows to request a new verification message.

After you submit your request, please check your email account immediately and copy or paste the verification link that was received into your browser. Your account should be verified at this point. If you still encounter an error, please contact help@tribe.net.

Community Flagging

What is Community Flagging?

The new Community Flagging tools will allow members of the Tribe.net community to identify and remove content that is offensive or prohibited by our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.

Why are we introducing it?

Tribe.net is a growing community, and we want it to be a positive encouraging environment. Posts on Tribe.net should be considerate and respectful of members, even those with different points of view. When people post content that shows a lack of respect and consideration of any sort, which is offensive to members--it ultimately reduces the health of our community. Tribe members should be friendly and polite online as in the real world.

We believe it makes the most sense to us to take a community approach to these issues, by letting tribe.net members themselves have the power to provide feedback on removal content that is offensive or violates the Terms of Use.

For this to work, we really want the community to not only be empowered, but also active, and engaged.

How does Community Flagging work?

There's a "flag for removal" link that's displayed next to photos, listings, and events. When a user clicks on this link, they'll be asked to provide a reason why the item should be removed. If there have been a sufficient number of flags, the item is removed from public display on the site.

Who can flag my content?

Any Tribe.net member has the ability to flag content providing feedback and suggesting removal.

What happens when my content gets removed?

You'll receive an email notification if your content is flagged and removed from the site.

I'm concerned that these tools will be abused. What are you doing to prevent this?

Our Community Flagging system has been designed with this in mind, and it's something that we're addressing with tools to monitor and prevent unreasonable behavior.

If you believe that someone has abused their flagging privileges and acted unreasonably, you can report any such violation of our Terms of Use by contacting abuse@tribe.net. Our goal is to encourage community behavior that is considerate to all.

What happened to the mature "designation"?

This designation was deleted in favor of alternatives providing greater flexibility over privacy and community flagging.

What was wrong with the old Mature system? Didn't it protect people from seeing content they found offensive?

It worked in many cases, but not all. It had less provisions for privacy controls, involved the community less and had reduced range of feedback on content. Flexibility around privacy was reduced. Some users came across content they found offensive.

What do you mean by "pornography", "obscene", and "sexually explicit conduct?" What about nudity, like art photos?

"Sexually explicit conduct" is defined in U.S. legal code, 18 U.S.C. 2256 and there are legal precendents for pornography and obscenity as well.

We favor a common sense approach that favors consideration and respect and believe the community will act responsibly and appropriately

Where can I learn more about this law?

Ultimately, any interpretation of the law is up to you. We can't recommend any one site as an authority on the legal impact of the law, but this article at the Electronic Frontier Foundation is at least clearly written: http://www.eff.org/bloggers/lg/

The actual text of the law itself can be found at: http://www.freespeechcoalition.com/pdf/70FR29607%202%20.pdf (the law begins on p. 13 in this PDF)

What if I want to post content that's not a photo, but that is otherwise sexually explicit?

We do not distinguish between photos and other types of content. Content that portrays pornography, obscenity, or sexually explicit conduct is prohibited.

Tribe's always been such a permissive environment. What gives?

We have and will continue to encourage broad expression. But we do not want to offend members or visitors. We seek to preserve the community spirit of our site, encourage a positive, respectful environment, and of course, encourage Tribe members to remain compliant with the regulatory and legal environment.

We've updated our Terms of Use and created a new Code of Conduct, and enabled Community Flagging and Privacy Controls so that members themselves have a critical role in shaping the content on the site.