Savannah: generic integration information
Some GNU projects were using as a CVS repository before Savannah was installed. The mail that follows was sent to each project contributor or maintainer to explain why and how Savannah can be used. It is archived here for reference and easy access.


  project was integrated in the clone dedicated to GNU
projects that can be found at The URL of
the project project on Savannah is
It provides you with the following facilities:

  . Web interface to handle contributors CVS write access. You don't
    need to ask someone, it is automated. Only the project project
    administrators on Savannah can give CVS write access to new
    contributor or deny access to an existing one. This is basically a
    one click operation.  If you want to become a project
    administrator ask an existing administrator to grant you the right
    or, if there are no project administrator, ask
    to become one.

  . Editing pages using CVS 
    instead of login onto As soon as you commit
    information in this CVS tree, it will show on

  . The project CVS tree now has a separate CVS history instead of an
    history merged with all other projects hosted on

  For more information on how to access the CVS trees, click on the
CVS menu at

  No action is required from you, the Savannah setup does not require
that you change your habits. However, it would be nice of you to do
the following:

  - login at least once on
  - read the CVS instructions for the project project
  - checkout the project CVS tree according to these instructions

  When all contributors will be using the new CVS tree, we will be
able to remove the backward compatibility installation for project.

  When you login Savannah, the transaction is secure (SSL).  In case
you wonder what all this is about you can check the cvs-hackers and
webmasters mailing lists archive, they contain a lot of discussions
regarding this planned integration. 

  If you have a Kerberos account on, use the same login and
password on Savannah and change the password immediately afterwards:
it will not change your Kerberos password, just the Savannah

  If you only have a pserver account, use the same login and
password on Savannah.  

  If you have both (Kerberos and pserver), use the Kerberos account
login and password. Note that after login for the first time your
pserver password will be set to the same password you use to login on
Savannah. Please change the Savannah password immediately after your
first login: it will not change your Kerberos password, just the
Savannah password.

  If you have none and access CVS using SSH public keys, ask to to give you a password. This last case requires
human interaction to prevent someone from stealing your account name.

  Please report problems or questions to;_id=11 or by
email to if you don't have (or don't want to
use) a web browser.


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