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This project is related to webmastering. Developers are gnu webmasters. It's part of the GNU Project.

This project is dedicated to translate information of GNU projects into Chinese, both traditional and simplified, and arrange existent translations from some Chinese authors. Letting Chinese readers know more about GNU project and its philosophy...

Registration Date: May 28, 2002

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Translations Arrangement Main Page
    chstoneliu - 2002-Jul-16 03:05 - 0 messages
Browser to
for more information.
Searching for "Texinfo" hackers
    chstoneliu - 2002-Jun-11 04:18 - 0 messages
Texinfo would be our way to prepare free manuals, therefore we need a hacker who is really familiar with Texinfo or is willing to go deeper on this topic. Of course, I'm talking about if Texinfo has any problem dealing with Chinese charsets... And it would be much better if the hacker(s) would provide a free documentation on this.
Project "Free Manuals" prepared
    chstoneliu - 2002-Jun-11 03:51 - 2 messages
(sub)Project "Free Manuals" is prepared as the workspace for chinese-authors and chinese-translators who would like to dedicated on the production of free manuals.
CTT mailing lists are up
    chstoneliu - 2002-Jun-11 03:47 - 0 messages
Six mailing lists are now using in CTT:

info-chinese => notification mailing list (Welcome public participation)

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