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Request ID Summary Date Assigned To Submitted By
101286[sv software] Virtual hosting? DNS?* Fri 09/13/02 at 16:04yeupouretostamm
101297Improvements to patch manager* Mon 09/16/02 at 03:42yeupouskwashd
101362UTF-8 and BiDi and HTML support* Sun 10/06/02 at 06:49yeupouazeini
101437[sv software] Submit a bug to savannah using bug-buddy* Wed 10/23/02 at 17:30ljulliarcpcp
101469[sv software] Page statistics/log files?* Thu 10/31/02 at 03:06yeupoubescoto
101788Wrong webpage path * Fri 01/31/03 at 10:51yeupouluferbu
101794[sv software] Unable to Create Project Mailing list* Mon 02/03/03 at 12:03yeupouroncordell
101850index.xhtml as apache start file* Sun 02/16/03 at 18:14raodanielbaumann
101853sftp problem* Mon 02/17/03 at 00:57yeupounorthcob
101861[sv-software] Unable access CVS using uploaded keys* Thu 02/20/03 at 08:58yeupouroncordell
101893[sv-software] Forums Removed?* Fri 02/28/03 at 08:40Noneroncordell
101903I18N support ??* Wed 03/05/03 at 05:32yeupoucyril_huang
101910new skill `texinfo', job closing bug?  Thu 03/06/03 at 18:35yeupoukarl
101927New Project containing binary firmware ?  Sun 03/09/03 at 19:09villateNone
101942Newbie comments: content clarification  Tue 03/11/03 at 14:58yeupoupete_proehl
101954Need more fields in support tracker  Thu 03/13/03 at 10:46Nonepsmith
101957"Permission Denied" to project admin  Thu 03/13/03 at 17:51Nonepaulcannon
101959wishlist item: download counter  Thu 03/13/03 at 21:24Nonejmd
101962A butifull site  Sat 03/15/03 at 14:08NoneNone
101963Can't register a new user  Sat 03/15/03 at 15:10NoneNone
101964Anonymous CVS access is very flaky  Sat 03/15/03 at 18:00Nonealexl
101969update-web-symlinks isn't running  Mon 03/17/03 at 11:02Noneluferbu
101973Special settings in .ssh/config  Tue 03/18/03 at 03:37Nonereallysoft
101977can't get an anonymous connection  Tue 03/18/03 at 11:42NoneNone
101978xpi mimetype  Tue 03/18/03 at 12:10rudyaurelus
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