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Request ID Summary Date Assigned To Submitted By
101121aegis support* 2002-Jul-23 07:33yeupoujmd
101286Virtual hosting? DNS?* 2002-Sep-13 16:04yeupouretostamm
101297Improvements to patch manager* 2002-Sep-16 03:42yeupouskwashd
101362UTF-8 and BiDi and HTML support* 2002-Oct-06 06:49yeupouazeini
101437Submit a bug to savannah using bug-buddy  2002-Oct-23 17:30ljulliarcpcp
101444Lock Removal  2002-Oct-25 08:44loicrpandey
101469Page statistics/log files?  2002-Oct-31 03:06yeupoubescoto
101471Bug when logging in  2002-Oct-31 10:48yeupouharbort
101480Asked for 'password' instead of 'passph'  2002-Nov-01 18:08yeupoujsdn
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