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  - GNU Time, 2011-01-21

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Status of Disks
     posted by mjflick, Sun Dec 19 18:30:45 2010 - 2 replies

Recently Savannah has been up and down due to problems--possibly with the system's RAID controller. Currently, Savannah is online, the disks are resynced, a fresh backup of Savannah has been made, and all systems are running properly. We suspect that some part of the hardware (controler, motherboard, etc) could make the system's load peak under high load and eventually reboot. The FSF sysadmin are investigating this possible hardware issue.

Webpages system changes
     posted by Beuc, Mon Dec 6 22:15:43 2010 - 3 replies

The FSF sysadmins implemented a new set of rules for the webpages hosting, and would like your comments. Please have a look at:
In particular, please report (at if this breaks your website.

Disk failure
     posted by Beuc, Sun Dec 5 18:48:40 2010 - 0 replies

We had a disk failure in our RAID-1 array, which slowed down the system. We've taken it out and plan to replace it soon (there are still 2 other working disks, so redundancy is maintained).

Information on the password compromise
     posted by Beuc, Thu Dec 2 23:24:53 2010 - 3 replies

We'll keep this page updated:

Webpages updates
     posted by Beuc, Thu Dec 2 22:28:45 2010 - 0 replies

Currently webpages updates in CVS do not replicate.

The FSF sysadmins, in charge of this part of the infrastructure, are currently busy restoring the archives (following a double disk hardware crash). Stay tuned.

* RESET YOUR PASSWORD * - And we're back!
     posted by mjflick, Thu Dec 2 20:02:42 2010 - 2 replies

Your password won't work and you'll need to request a reset.

Recently we were down for a few days due to a SQL injection attack, where user account passwords were compromised.

To best protect everyone's account and project data all user passwords in the system have been reset and we've reverted ...

[Read more]
Help with installing loggerhead, the bzr web-based browser
     posted by Beuc, Sun Nov 14 08:40:33 2010 - 0 replies

GNU Savannah ( is looking for help: we'd
like to install loggerhead, the bzr equivalent to viewvc/gitweb/etc., but we don't know this tool well.

People at the last GNU get-together in Gothenburg reported this as particularly needed.

You can help in two ways:

- Offer to install and maintain loggerhead at Savannah

- Find somebody who would do it :)

If you can do one of the above, we'd like to hear from you at !

Faster Git HTTP-based cloning
     posted by Beuc, Sat Sep 18 17:26:23 2010 - 0 replies

Some of you who are behind strict firewalls, and could not bring the IT department to accept outgoing Git traffic yet; you usually rely on the HTTP backend to clone a repository, using a http:// git URL.

Following a suggestion by Miles Bader, we ...

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Better mirror redirection
     posted by Beuc, Thu Aug 26 18:54:38 2010 - 1 reply

Brian Gough just improved mirror redirects in the download area: now you're redirected to the nearest mirror only when downloading a file, you stay on the reference server when browsing directories :)
There is also a page footer warning people about the up-to-24h mirror replication delay.

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