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Mailing Lists: Apple Mailing Lists

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Below is a listing of all the publically searchable mailing lists on Click on a list name to be taken to the search engine for that list.

apple-cdsa Apple's implementation of CDSA. (Common Data Security Architecture)
apple-help-authoring Tools and strategies for delivering Help to Mac users.
appleguidedev Open discussion of Mac OS help content development.
applescript-implementors Help and discussions for programmers creating scriptable applications and OSA languages.
applescript-studio For scripters and developers using AppleScript Studio
applescript-users Help and discussions for scripters developing scripts and solutions in AppleScript.
appleshare-ip Discussion list for AppleShare IP users.
ata-scsi-dev Technical discussion for developers of devices based on ATA and SCSI.
augb An email newsletter for Apple user group leaders and volunteers.
augd A place for Apple user group leaders and volunteers to exchange ideas.
bluetooth-dev Mailing list for Bluetooth developer discussion
carbon-development Developer discussion of programming with Carbon
cocoa-dev Discussions regarding native Mac OS X application development using Cocoa frameworks.
colorsync-dev Developer-oriented discussion of ColorSync implementation in applications
colorsync-users User-oriented discussion of ColorSync color management
coreaudio-api A mailing list for developers using Core Audio and MIDI APIs (C or Java) on MacOS X
darwin-development Technical discussion list for Darwin software development
darwin-documentation Discussions pertaining to Darwin documentation
darwin-drivers Technical discussion for Darwin hardware drivers
darwin-kernel Technical discussion on the Darwin Mach+BSD kernel.
darwin-userlevel Technical discussion on Darwin user-level software
darwin-x86 Technical discussion for Darwin on the x86 platform
darwinos-users Community-supported help for installing and using Darwin
discrecording Technical discussions of the DiscRecording frameworks.
dvdlist Discussion list for DVD-Video Authoring users
fed-talk Discussion list for Apple Federal & Federal Customers
firewire This list is to handle Mac OS FireWire development questions.
fortran-dev Discussions about how to use Fortran on Mac OS X.
headerdoc-development Technical discussion list for HeaderDoc software development and usage
hit-developers HIT-Developers is a list for discussion of the various human interface technologies available when building Macintosh software.
internetconfigdev Open discussion of Internet Config programming issues.
java-dev This list is for the discussion of Java development
mac-games-dev Discussions of games development
mac-opengl OpenGL on the Macintosh
macapp-dev Development with MacApp
macintosh-manager This list is a discussion list for administrators of Macintosh Manager based networks.
maclabmanager Open forum for discussing management of Mac-based university labs.
macnetworkprog Macintosh Network Programming
macos-x-server For administrators of Mac OS X Server and related technologies.
mklinux-announce Announcements about MkLinux
mklinux-development Developing on MkLinux
mklinux-users A discussion list for users of MkLinux
mpw-dev The MPW-Dev mailing list is for developers, who use MPW.
mt-smp Multitasking / Symmetrical Multiprocessing
nav-serv-developers Developer discussion about Navigation Services
openplay-development Software development discussion for OpenPlay and NetSprockets
opentransportdev Software development discussion for OpenPlay and NetSprockets
projectbuilder-users Community-supported Project Builder help list
publicsource-announce Announcements of key events and milestones for Apple open source projects
publicsource-modifications Notifications of open source software submissions
quicktime-api QuickTime Development
quicktime-java This list is for the discussion of QuickTime for Java
quicktime-talk QuickTime Development
quicktime-vr QuickTime-VR Development
remote-desktop Discussions of the Apple Remote Desktop product.
rendezvous Discussion of how to develop applications & devices which use Rendezvous
scitech Topics regarding Apple's support for science & technology
security-announce Product security notifications and announcements from Apple
streaming-server-developers Discussion list for QuickTime Streaming Server developers.
streaming-server-users Discussion list for QuickTime Streaming Server users.
studentdev Student Developer Forum
usb This list is to discuss how to handle Mac OS USB development.
unix-porting Discussions about porting UNIX-based software to Mac OS X.
webobjects-announce WebObjects Announcements

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