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GNU Emacs Manual, Nineteenth edition, for Emacs version 27.2

GNU Emacs is much more than a text editor; over the years, it has expanded to become an entire workflow environment, impressing programmers with its integrated debugging and project-management features. It is also a multi-lingual word processor, can handle all your email and Usenet news needs, display web pages, and even has a diary and a calendar for your appointments!

Features include:


Software Freedom Advice Orb

Inside a truncated sphere, an icosahedron floats in inky fluid. The user inverts the sphere and receives words of free software wisdom - including some advice applicable to non-coding problems ("Share alike"), and an occasional error message ("SEGFAULT"). The orb measures about 4.5 inches in diameter and makes an excellent gift for any free software enthusiast who might benefit from a spheroid's counsel. Please note that the FSF is not responsible for any consequences of obedience to the Orb ("orbedience").


FSF 35th Anniversary T-Shirt

Celebrate the 35th anniversary - the "coral anniversary" - of the FSF in this bold t-shirt featuring a design by David Revoy.

The first edition of this shirt (salmon / yellow / silvery-blue) sold out in most sizes within a few days - YOU, the public, demanded more, so David Revoy and the FSF have delivered - behold the scintillating Electric Copper color scheme.

Download the source image for this shirt here.


FSF & GNU Patch Set

Festoon a garment with the maroon FSF logo and/or a robed, lotus-posed gnu with levitating computer. These patches are large, as patches go - four inches in their greatest dimension - and can be affixed to a textile either with thread or the "iron-on" adhesive on their reverse face. Bold! Previously available only as part of our Fall 2019 Fundraiser, but now available to you. Send a pic of you wearing one of these patches to sales@fsf.org and I might just put it on this very web page.

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