Xenon as a Heavy Atom?


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Table of Contents

Methods and Techniques for Xenon Derivatization

The Multiple Isomorphous Replacement Method (MIR)

Xenon as a Heavy Atom?

Room Temperature Pressure Cell

Xenon System at BL7-1

Crystal Derivatization

Problems with the Method

Hypothesis: tight xenon binding site may allow trapping of xenon

Flash-Cooling of Xenon-Derivatized Myoglobin Crystals

Pressure Cell for Quick Cryo-Cooling of Protein Samples

Implementation at SSRL

First Trial:Methane Monooxygenase

Xenon Derivatives UsingCryo-Pressure Cell

Problems with the Method

New Cryo-Pressure Cell

Anomalous Signalfor SIRAS and MAD Experiments

Other Pressure Science


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Other information:
Workshop on October 15, 1997: Methods and Techniques for Cryo-Xenon pressurization at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory