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Interactive Hand Overview
Explore the solar system at your own pace with this series of interactive features. Find out what's unique about the planets, comets and asteroids in our solar system, wander through a history of robotic exploration and then flip over to the interactive calendar to see what's coming up in space. Check the links at the bottom of the page for more cool interactive web features.
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The Planetary Explorer

Which world is the windiest in our solar system? How about the hottest? What does comet Halley have in common with New York City? The answers may surprise you. Pick a planet and find out what it is all about, what it looks like and how it stacks up against all the other worlds in our solar system.

Launch Planetary ExplorerLaunch Planetary Explorer
   Flash - Launch Planetary Explorer
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Timeline: The Robotic Exploration of Space

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to walk on the Moon, but it was robots who paved the way. Take a journey through decades of triumph - and frustration - and scientists and engineers found ways to extend humanity's vision beyond Earth. Come back often. This story is far from over and we'll be adding history as it happens.

Launch TimelineLaunch Timeline
   Flash - Launch Timeline - The Robotic Exploration of Space
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NASA Solar System Launches & Events Calendar

Tune in to history as it happens. Our interactive calendar showcases what's happening out there in the solar system and back here on Earth. We've included launches, mission events, anniversaries, celestial events and even a few birthdays. There's never a dull moment in space.

Launch CalendarLaunch Calendar
   Flash - Launch NASA Solar System Launches and Events Calendar
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Roadtrip to Mars!

Join Edwin the boy genius and his faithful dog Wally on their first adventure - a roadtrip to Mars. The big question is will Wally's modified jalopy be up to the long trip to the Red Planet.

View AnimationView Animation
   Flash - View Roadtrip to Mars Animation
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Celestial Selection

Vote early and often for your favorite solar system exploration images in our multimedia gallery. Choose any category (planets, history, spacecraft, kid's drawings, etc.) and click on the "browse" button. The voting menu is that row of five stars under each image. Vote all you like and watch as everyone's favorite images work their way to the top.

See Our Top 10 ImagesSee Our Top 10 Images
   See Our Top 10 Images

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