Sleep-waking cycle mechanisms
Dreams and Paradoxical Sleep
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Articles of Michel Jouvet
Paradoxical sleep mechanisms
Michel Jouvet - Sleep 17 (8 S) (1994)
Theme : Dreams and paradoxical sleep
Since there are excellent recent reviews concerned with paradoxical sleep (PS) or REM sleep mechanisms (1)(2) (3)(4), it is unecessary to give an overwiew of these reviews. However the following topics need some discussion either because they have not yet received any unequivocal solution or because...
Biogenic Amines and the States of Sleep
Michel Jouvet - Science 163 (862) : 32-41 (1969)
Theme : Sleep-waking cycle mechanisms
Pharmacological and neurophysiological studies suggest a relationship between brain serotonin and sleep. In the past 10 years the study of sleep mechanisms has developed very rapidly and has become one of the major fields of neurophysiological and psychological research. This rapid growth is in part...
The states of sleep
Michel Jouvet - Scientific American 216 (2) : 62-68 (1967)
Theme : Sleep-waking cycle mechanisms
Light and deep sleep differ physiologically, deep sleep having much in common with being awake. Studies with cats now suggest that the two states of sleep are induced by different biochemical secretions. Introduction Early philosophers recognized that there are two distinctly different levels of ...
Behavioural and eeg effects of paradoxical sleep deprivation in the cat
Jouvet M. - Reprinted from Excerpta Medica International Congress Series No.87 PROCEEDINGS OF THE XXIlIrd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Tokyo, September 1965 (1960)
Theme : Dreams and paradoxical sleep
Since the work of Pieron (1913) 18, the effect of sleep deprivation has been largely studied both in man and animaIs. But the problem of sleep has become complicated recently by the demonstration that sleep could not be considered as a unique phenomenon (opposed to wakefulness), but on the contrary ...
Hyperoxia increases paradoxical sleep rhythm in the pontine cat
Arnulf I., Sastre J.P., Buda C., Jouvet M. - Brain Research (1998)
Theme : Dreams and paradoxical sleep
Pontine cat is an ectothermic preparation, whose central temperature can artificially be lowered from 36°C to 26°C; this gradual hypothermia is accompanied by a dramatic increase in paradoxical sleep (PS)....
Telencephalic and rhombencephalic sleep in the cat
Michel Jouvet - The Nature of Sleep Ciba Foundation Symposium (1961)
Theme : Sleep-waking cycle mechanisms
A brief review of the physiological data relating to the nature of sleep enables us to get an idea of the duality of structures and mechanisms brought into play during this periodic mystery. Structural duality : Without referring back to the opposition between cerebral and body sleep, it should be r...
Paradoxical Sleep - A Study of its Nature and Mechanisms
Michel Jouvet - Progress in Brain Research 18 Sleep Mechanisms (1965)
Theme : Dreams and paradoxical sleep
It has recently been discovered that during behavioural sleep there periodically occurs a state characterized by fast cortical activity similar to that of the waking state, accompanied by a complete disappearance of muscular tonus and of rapid eye movements. This gives rise to the following problem:...
A Study of the Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Dreaming
Michel Jouvet - Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 24 Suppl:133 (1963)
Theme : Dreams and paradoxical sleep
Dream activity can be detected only by the short memory of the dream. thus, any effort to delimit the neural structures responsible for such a mysterious phenomenon may appear very risky. Nevertheless, some recent data obtained on humans and animals may contribute to make such an effort less hazardo...
Coma and other disorders of consciousness
Michel Jouvet - Handbook of Clinical Neurology (1969)
Theme : Comas
Coma is classically defined as loss of motility, sensation and consciousness with preservation of autonomic functions. Though not inaccurate, this definition is no longer considered as adequate. If loss of consciousness seems to be a necessary and sutficient symptom to talk of coma (it being underst...