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Sonic CinePlayer
CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack
Add DVD Playback Support in Windows XP!
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Sonic DVD Decoder Pack for Windows XP

Windows XP users have the ability to add DVD playback support to their PCs based on Sonic's DVD playback for Windows Media Player. The CineMaster DVD Decoder Pack for Windows XP provides the highest quality and performance of any Windows XP DVD decoder packs available. CineMaster DVD Decoder Pack was designed exclusively for Microsoft and delivers the best DVD playback experience for your Windows XP PC.

Here's a highlight of the features that CineMaster DVD Decoder offers to your Windows XP DVD experience.

  • The industry's best DVD navigation
  • Enables playback of DVDs and MPEG-2 video files
  • Supports a variety of VGA cards
  • 100% DirectShow compliant DVD enabled MPEG2 Video and Audio decoders
  • WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certified
  • The highest performance and quality of any Windows XP DVD pack add-on
  • "CineMaster DVD Decoder Control Panel" for providing custom decoder settings
    • DXVA support (enable/disable)
    • VMR support (enable/disable)
    • Dolby AC3 selection for 2 channel down-mix "stereo" or "Dolby Pro"
  • Delivers solid DVD playback on systems as low as Pentium II - 400MHz CPU based systems.
  • DVD image capture through Windows Media Player 8 (VMR enabled Only)

Sonic DVD playback for Windows XP product is noticeably superior to other software DVD products, showing full frame rate video with no frame drops in amazing clarity and detail.

Audio Specific Features

  • Optimized MPEG2 audio decoder for outstanding performance
  • Full Dolby AC3 decoding down mix to 2 channel "Stereo" or "Dolby Pro" (Dolby Certified)
  • DirectSound rendering via DirectShow
  • "Smart Level" MPEG2 audio decoding
  • "Smart Level" LPCM audio decoding
  • Advanced audio & video synchronization algorithm for DVD playback
  • Intelligent buffering for unshakable, solid DVD audio playback even under adverse conditions
  • Bright, clear DVD audio delivery, even on a PC notebook sound system
  • Multiple instance/simultaneous decode capable (for VMR multi-stream blending)

Video Specific Features

  • Highly optimized MPEG2 video decoder for outstanding performance
  • Built-in subpicture blending and external Closed Caption support
  • Specific optimizations for Intel, AMD and Transmeta based CPU's (MMX,3DNow!, SSE and SSE2)
  • DXVA (DirectX VA) video and subpicture acceleration support
  • VMR (Video Mixing Renderer) support for Windows XP
  • "Super Pipelined" video decoder architecture for the smoothest video playback even under adverse conditions
  • Multiple instance/simultaneous decode capable (for VMR multi-stream blending)
  • HDTV capable MPEG2 decoding (DXVA or Software) up to 1280x720p and 1920x1080i MPEG2 video streams
  • Decodes DVD video in as little as 1.5Meg available video memory

Key Product Features:

  • VGA Accelerated: Designed to deliver superior performance on specific VGA platforms that provide acceleration services for DVD playback
  • Auto-Detection: Code built directly into the product for optimal configuration every time the product is run.
    1. CPU: Intel Pentium MMX, Intel Pentium III, and AMD 3DNow!
    2. VGA: Standard (Basic), Motion Compensation Accelerated, iDCT Accelerated, Subpicture Decoding/Alpha-Blending Accelerated
  • Industry Standards Compliant
    1. DVD Forum
    2. Content Scrambling System(CSS)
    3. Macrovision
    4. Dolby
  • Built from the market-proven code base of Sonic's software DVD solution; utilizes the Modular Software Architecture throughout the entire product.
  • Any resolution or color depth video display (depending only on VGA memory)
  • Supports Dolby Digital (AC-3),  LPCM, MPEG-1 Layer 2 decode, and MPEG-2 2-channel audio formats
  • Supports 2ch Stereo or Dolby Surround output

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