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Sonic CinePlayer
CinePlayerSonic CinePlayer 1.5 Surround
Your Ultimate Digital Theatre

Sonic CinePlayer truly is your ultimate digital theater. It delivers the absolute highest quality video playback available for your PC.

Additionally, Sonic CinePlayer packs all of its
powerful features into an extremely easy-to-
use and intuitive user-interface. CinePlayer is the first DVD player to support the OpenDVD™ format, making it possible to seamlessly open your OpenDVD project in Sonic MyDVD for further editing.

*Important Note: If you have already purchased the CinePlayer DVD Decoder, you don’t need to also purchase CinePlayer 1.5.

  • Includes all other features of Sonic CinePlayer basic
  • Dolby Headphone PLUS* Dolby Headphone - Puts a virtual theater sound field in your head when wearing headphones!
  • PLUS* Dolby Pro Logic - Listen to the DVDs you create in MyDVD or DVDit! in surround sound!
  • PLUS* 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound - Listen to your DVDs as if you are in the theatre. Cineplayer will take your original 5.1 channels of Dolby Digital audio and decode each individual channel into your multi-speaker set.
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Sonic CinePlayer 1.5 Basic
  • Enhanced user interface – DVD playback made intuitive.
  • Video CD support – Now use CinePlayer to watch your VCDs.
  • Take a screen shot – CinePlayer 1.5 makes saving images of your favorite scenes a snap.
  • Auto-Resume – Let CinePlayer automatically remember where you last stopped playback.
  • OpenDVD™-compliant - Seamlessly open your OpenDVD project in Sonic MyDVD directly from CinePlayer for further editing.
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