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Sonic CinePlayer
Sonic’s CinePlayer MP3 Creation Pack allows you to create your own MP3 library by adding high quality MP3 encoding ("ripping") directly from Windows Media player. Windows Media Player and the CinePlayer MP3 creation pack offers integrated MP3 playback and management, and the ability to edit MP3 information.
Integrated MP3 playback, management and search in both the file system and the Windows Media Player
Intelligent MP3 file management - move an MP3 file on your hard drive and Windows Media Player automatically tracks the change in the Media Library
Display and edit of MP3 media information (ID3v2 tags) such as album, artist, year of publication and over a dozen others directly in the Windows shell or the Windows Media Player Media Library
Transfer MP3 files to portable devices
Burn audio CDs from MP3 files that play in any CD player and data CDs with MP3 for native playback on MP3 compatible CD players
Add lyrics to any MP3 file
Display MP3 album art stored in the file in the standard ID3v2 format, or add your own album art to a folder with MP3s
Choose from four encoding bit rates. Whether quality or file size is your preference, Sonic offers it all at 8kps, 56kps, 160kps, and 320kps.

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