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Sonic Products

DVD is the most compatible, fastest-growing consumer format of all time, with enormous potential for sharing video, audio and multimedia content. Sonic has revolutionized DVD creation with a variety of easy-to-use, flexible applications that give you everything you need to create stunning DVDs on your PC desktop. If you have a camcorder or digital photo collection and want to create DVDs on your home PC, Sonic has the product for you.
  • Sonic MyDVD® - The World's Leading DVD Creation Software

  • Sonic DVDit!® - The Smartest Way to Publish on DVD.

  • Sonic CinePlayer™ - The highest quality DVD Playback software for your PC.

  • Sonic PrimeTime™ - With Sonic, enjoy PrimeTime all the time!

  • Backup MyPC - Backup MyPC provides automated, easy-to-use data protection and disaster recovery for single computers or small home networks.

  • RecordNow MAX - Whether you're a first-time user or an expert at disc recording, RecordNow MAX gives you all the audio and data, CD and DVD recording tools you need

  • Simple Backup - The easiest way to backup your PC!

The multimedia world is moving to DVD - full D1-resolution video, exhilarating Dolby Digital sound and playback on the millions of set-top or PC DVD players installed in the home, office or car. Sonic has a wide range of applications that make it easy to turn your independent films, corporate presentations, training videos, and information kiosks into stunning interactive DVD presentations that can be played anywhere. For professional DVD production, where precise control over every aspect of the DVD title is required, Sonic's products are the industry standard. Sonic's professional DVD products combine powerful DVD authoring with a flexible workflow for highest throughput, maximizing profitability. More businesses are built around Sonic than any other DVD production system.

Sonic offers a flexible and powerful set of developer tools called AuthorScript, which enables developers of video, audio and multimedia applications to integrate Sonic's DVD-Video, VCD and SVCD publishing technology.

Sonic is a pioneering company which continues to extend the capabilities of the DVD format.. Learn more about the technology behind DVD and how Sonic puts it to use for you and your clients.

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