Gaston Julia 111th Birthday Google Doodle

Gaston Julia was a famous French Mathematician who is famous for devising the formula for the Julia set.Julia work closely with another French mathematician known as Benoit Mandelbrot who has helped him to popularize his findings.

Gaston Julia 111th Birthday Google Doodle
Gaston Julia 111th Birthday Google Doodle (February 2, 2004)

Gaston Julia was born in the Algerian town of Sidi Bel Abbes which is governed by France during that days. He was born on 3rd February 1893. He was pretty much interested in mathematics and music at its young age.  Gaston Julia 111th Birthday  doodle includes the image of his most famous contribution Julia set.

At the age of 21 his studies was interrupted due to the 1st world war.Julia’s  was given duty to serve the army while France was involved in the World War. But unfortunately he couldn’t survive in the war and during the war he suffered a severe injury. He lost his nose during those attack.In his remaining life he used to wear a leather wrap around the face where the nose had been.

Julias turned in to his mathematical research works after the war. Then after he was famous after his article having 199 pages were published in a famous French magazine (journal). The French journal published his work when he was at 25 in 1918. The work was related to the iteration of a rational function.

Gaston Julia (1893 - 1978)
Gaston Julia (1893 – 1978) [Image Credit :]
When Gaston was 8 his family moved to Oran a city in northwest Algeria. He got scholarship and went to Paris to take classes in higher mathematics.Julia married to Marianne Chausson in 1918. She was the nurse who take care of him when he was at hospital during his hard time.

For Julia’s work which is published in a famous French magazine he received the Grand Prix of the Academy of Sciences. He was invited to give prestigious Peccot Foundation lectures in 1919 at the Collège de France. Then in 1931 and 1937 he was to the Chair of Differential and Integral Calculus and Chair of Geometry and Algebra.

Google released a special Google doodle on his 111th birthday. Although he was famous due to his work in 1920 itself ,his work on iteration was almost forgotten until Benoit Mandelbrot promoted it in his fundamental computer experiments.

Gaston Julia is unforgettable although he didn’t get the recognition that he deserves. Gaston Julia 111th Birthday Google Doodle  is perfectly designed to honor his contibution in mathematics.