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Resource Management Zone (RMZ) Data

In most cases, RMZ data are provided by the GIS/mapping services division of the Ministry of Forests District or Ministry of Environment Region in which the plan took place.
Because of the uniqueness of each plan, and different types of mapping/GIS software used in each region, datasets are not in a standard form when received. Wherever possible the data sets are translated into a uniform standard to facilitate provincial analysis and public distribution.


  • Arc/Info coverage
  • BC Environment standards for Arc/Info coverages, such as:
  • Standard items in coverage .pat
    • RMZ_TYPE - the type of resource management
    • RMZ_NAME - the name of the zone
    • RMZ_NUM - the number assigned to the RMZ
    • RMZ_SUBZONE - the name or type of subzone
  • Standardized values for RMZ_TYPE - (WHERE POSSIBLE)
    • 'Protected'
    • 'Special'
    • 'General'
    • 'Agriculture/Settlement'
    • 'Enhanced'
  • Other Metadata/Accessibility
    • INFO frequency table <coverage>.rmz_type outlining all values of RMZ_TYPE
    • Public domain data for distribution placed on ftp/web as ARC/INFO export files
    • Text version of INFO Metadata table accompanying exportfiles for easy browsing access to basic metadata

In addition to the information contained in the standard .pat items, the source .pat items and values are retained where possible. Also, because of each plan's unique solutions, values for RMZ_TYPE are often not in the standard form outlined above, making the frequency table <coverage>.rmz_type useful for data exploration of some plans.

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