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Cassiar Iskut - Stikine Land and Resource Management Plan

This page provides regular updates about the
Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP, its process and issues.

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The Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP was approved in October 2000.

The LRMP provides broad direction for the sustainable use of Crown land and resources. The LRMP process was initiated in February 1997 and concluded in May 2000 when the planning table finalized consensus recommendations on a proposed LRMP. The Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP will be implemented by government agencies, including the provincial ministries of Forests; Environment, Lands and Parks; and Energy and Mines. An LRMP Monitoring Committee of public stakeholders will be established to review the implementation fo the plan.

Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP table of contents

Approximately 30 people participated at the table. The planned completion date for the process is December 1999.

For More Information

Please contact:

Tom Soehl, Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP Coordinator
Prince Rupert Inter-Agency Management Committee
Bag 5000, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0

TELEPHONE: (250) 847-7500
FAX: (250) 847-7217
EMAIL: tom.soehl@gems3.gov.bc.ca


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  • The Cassiar Iskut-Stikine Land and Resource Management Plan is located here. This location provides regular updates about the Cassiar Iskut-Stikine LRMP, its process and the issues.
  • Click here to find the files associated with the Cassiar LRMP



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