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Kalum Land and Resource Management Plan

• The Kalum LRMP planning table, which began in 1991, reached consensus in February 2001. The plan was approved by the provincial cabinet in April 2001, is currently being printed and will be ready for distribution early in the 2002.

• The Kalum planning area is located in northwestern BC. It includes the communities of Terrace, Kitimat, Kitimat Village, New Aiyansh, Canyon City, and a number of smaller rural communities.

• The Kalum LRMP process differed from the LRMPs occuring in other parts of BC, as it was a two phase process.

Map of Kalum LRMP Plan Area (215k jpg)

• Phase One of the Kalum land use planning process began in 1991, prior to the development of LRMP principles and process guidelines. Phase 1 only included the area within the Kalum Timber Supply Area, less than a third of the current total planning area. The two Tree Farm Licences (TFLs) within the Kalum planning area (TFL 1- Skeena Cellulose Inc. and TFL 41 - Skeena Sawmills Ltd., a division of West Fraser) were excluded from Phase One. The TFLs fully particpated in Phase Two of the process, which officially commenced in September 1996.

• Phase One and Phase Two agreements were be brought together to form a single, integrated land use plan for the entire Kalum LRMP area. Government agencies and other resource managers are currently developing implementation strategies and tasks are being identified to build a coordinated implementation strategy.

• The Land and Resource Management Plan is a key element of British Columbia's Land Use Strategy. Land and Resource Management Plans are sub-regional land use plans that consider all resource values and a broad scope of community interests.

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