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Glossary of terms used in resource planning, forestry and resources inventory (available to view online or as downloadable text files).


  • David Johns Assistant Deputy Minister, Resource Management Division
    Re: Strategic Land Use Plans Monitoring Procedures - May 2, 2000

    Strategic Land Use Plan Monitoring Procedures Working Draft (May 2000)
    Summary: How do you go about evaluating whether a strategic land use plan is successful or not? This report provides a set of procedures for monitoring strategic land use plans based on the direction provided in the Provincial Monitoring Framework for Strategic Land Use Plans released in July 1999. The objective is to ensure effective and consistent monitoring of strategic land use plans throughout the province of BC. Read online

  • Strategic Land Use Planning Workshop
    February 23 and 24th, 2000, Richmond, BC
    Summary: What is in the future for Strategic Land Use Planning? A workshop sponsored by FRBC and RMD fostered discussions on this topic. The workshop proceedings provide information to government and form a basis for an IRPC work-plan. Synthesis of discussions

  • Provincial Monitoring Framework For Strategic Land Use Plans - Working Draft - (July 1999)
    Summary: How do you know a land use plan is working? The framework identifies how to monitor the implementation of plan direction, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan in meeting the broader strategic goals. Read online

  • Guide to Writing Resource Objectives and Strategies (April 20, 1999)
    Summary: How do you capture agreements in words? LRMP recommendations are organized into objectives (which outline a vision for the future use of the natural resource) and strategies (which describe how the vision will be achieved). This guide is a tool to help write more effective "objectives" and "strategies." Read online

  • Outdoor Sector Resource Guide For Representatives at Strategic Land Use Planning Processes (July 1998)
    prepared by the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, July 1998. Read online

  • Guide to Spatial Land and Resource Information in Land and Resource Managment Planning (December 1997)
    Summary: Spatial (map) information is used by Land and Resource Management Planning (LRMP) processes. This guide introduces the variety of spatial land and resource information available for LRMP planning and suggests how the spatial information can be used in an LRMP process. Read online or download the Adobe PDF version

  • Integrated Land Use Planning for Public Lands in British Columbia (February 1997)
    Summary: An overview of the structure, process and products of integrated planning for provincial public lands and resources in British Columbia. This document helps the public, resource managers and government decision-makers understand the components of the land use planning system. Read online

  • Policy for Local Government Involvement in Land and Resource Management Plans (November 1996)
    Summary: In September 1996, a Protocol of Recognition between the Province and UBCM (Union of British Columbia Municipalities) formally recognized local government as an order of government. This is the updated policy for involving local governments in LRMPs. Read online or obtain a printed copy (phone or email to RMD)

  • Strategic Land Use Planning Source Book (March 1996)
    Summary: The Commission on Resources and the Environment developed this source book. It offers a context and rationale for strategic land use planning and provides advice on the design and delivery of participatory planning processes. Not available online, phone or email RMD for a printed copy.

  • Provincial Land Use Strategy Read online or purchase a printed copy
    1) Volume One: A Sustainability Act (November 1994)
    2) Volume Two: Planning for Sustainability (November 1994)
    3) Volume Three: Public Participation (February 1995)
    4) Volume Four : Dispute Resolution (February 1995)

  • Resource Analysis Guidelines (February 1995)
    Read online or purchase a printed copy
    Summary: Resource analysis is defined as "the critical examination of resources and the environment so as to support planning and decision-making." Planning the use of provincial Crown lands involves consideration of many factors. Alternative management scenarios need to be analyzed before final decisions are made.

  • Diamond LRMP - A Model Report (January 1995)
    Summary: The Diamond LRMP is a fictional plan. The Diamond LRMP was created to provide guidance on the content and general format for a plan, as well as provide a working example of terminology and definitions. Read online or purchase a printed copy

  • Public Participation Guidelines (November 1993)
    Read online or purchase a printed copy
    Summary: Through the LRMP process, land and resource management planning in British Columbia entered a new era of openness where all interests and values are recognized and consensus agreements are built. The Public Participation Guidelines provide a framework that allows public participation methods to be designed for each particular LRMP.

  • LRMP: A Statement of Principles and Process (1993)
    Summary: LRMP processes consider all resource values, require public participation and interagency co-ordination, and build towards consensus agreements. This document outlines a common standard for the fundamental LRMP principles and processes, which are adopted by participants in Land and Resource Management Planning processes. Read online or purchase a printed copy

  • Social and Economic Impact Assessment for LRMP in BC (Aug.'93 draft)
    Summary: Planning the use of provincial Crown lands involves consideration of many factors and alternative management scenarios need to be evaluated before final decisions are made. This evaluation is done through a "multiple accounts analysis" which identifies the implications and the key trade-offs between scenarios. The assessment enables informed decision-making. Read online or purchase a printed copy

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