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Mackenzie Land and Resource Management Plan

Mackenzie Land and Resource Management Plan - February 20, 2001

PDF Version
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LRMP Status Report

Mackenzie Draft LRMP - Table of Contents - June 2000

Mackenzie Draft LRMP - Open Houses

Mackenzie LRMP - Agreement-in-Principle - June 1999

News Releases

News Release - November 14, 2000 -
Government Approves Mackenzie Land Use Plan

RMD Backgrounder - November 14, 2000 -
Mackenzie LRMP Process Completed

MELP News Release - November 14, 2000 -
Mackenzie Land Use Plan Puts B.C. Over 12 Per Cent Goal

MELP Backgrounder - November 14, 2000 -
The Protected Areas Strategy and Land Use Planning in B.C.

News Release - August 14, 1996 -
Province Formalizes Land Use Planning for Mackenzie


Digital (GIS) Data - FTP


The RMZ boundaries along with some maps of the Mackenzie LRMP are now accessible from our ftp site:

  • See readme.txt for a description of the available files.
  • Click here to find the files listed in the above readme.txt

Data for Muskwa-Kechika is also available.


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