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For Immediate Release Land Use Coordination Office

January 27, 1997


VICTORIA - A comprehensive land and resource management planning process for the Queen Charlotte Islands was announced today by Environment, Lands and Parks Minister Cathy McGregor, Employment and Investment Minister Dan Miller and Forests Minister David Zirnhelt.

"Land-use planning balances economic and environmental values and sets the stage for continued co-operation among resource users," said Miller. "A locally developed land-use plan for the Queen Charlotte Islands will ensure that all users of Crown land in the area will have the certainty and stability they need and want."

The LRMP will build on the efforts of the Island Community Stability Initiative, a local group formed in November 1995 to address social, economic and environmental issues relating predominantly to the forest industry. The group represents islands' communities and through the Islands Forestry Council, will continue to play a key role, along with First Nations and other stakeholders, in working with government staff to prepare a land-use plan that has the support of the people in the region.

"Across the province, land-use planning has resulted in locally-created solutions to land and resource use issues," said McGregor. "More than 75 per cent of B.C. is now involved in regional and sub-regional planning. Our goal is to extend land-use planning to all areas of the province within the next few years."

The Queen Charlotte Islands planning team will recommend to government how all Crown lands in the area will be used, including resource development zones and protected areas. The team will also specify broad resource management objectives and strategies to guide resource development and conservation over the next decade. The LRMP will cover the Queen Charlotte Islands forest district boundaries which encompass approximately one million hectares as well as some surrounding marine areas.

"The intent of this LRMP is to provide fair solutions for everyone," said Zirnhelt. "The planning team will need to ensure the long-term stability of the forest industry on the Queen Charlotte Islands and protect the future interests of aboriginal culture, recreation and tourism."

The team will also consider the social and economic implications of land-use designations as part of its recommended plan to government.

The preparatory phase of the LRMP is under way as government staff meet with local stakeholders, local governments and First Nations to address issues of participation and process. Government is also collecting land and resource inventory data to assist the public planning process anticipated to begin in 1998.

Including the Queen Charlotte Islands LRMP, strategic land-use planning processes are now completed, under way, or in the planning stage for 17 areas of the province. As well, implementation is well under way for regional land-use plans for Vancouver Island, Cariboo-Chilcotin and the East and West Kootenay-Boundary.


Anne Ferdinands (250) 387-0338
A/Communications Director
Land Use Coordination Office

Cindy Krishka (250) 559-6200
District Manager, Queen Charlotte Islands
Ministry of Forests
Queen Charlotte City

Elizabeth Zweck (250) 847-7473
Program Manager
Prince Rupert Inter-Agency Management Committee

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