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Robson Valley Land and Resource Management Plan

LRMP Status Report

Robson Valley LRMP - April 1999

Robson Valley LRMP Summary - April 30, 1999

Robson Valley LRMP Approved - April 30, 1999

Robson Valley LRMP - December 1996 Recommendations and Options Report (Executive Summary)

For More Information:

Robson Valley Chair - Jeff Beale
Phone: (250)569-3700


Digital (GIS) Data - FTP


Robson Valley LRMP Resource Management Zones

Note: August 3, 1999 - updated the RMZ coverage file (not the plotfiles) with a new Jackman Flats PA boundary.


  • bow_bw.gif: little black & white .GIF of RMZ zones
  • rob.rtl: larger 36 x 25 inch colour plot of rmz zones

For futher plan documents, see RMD's web site: www.RMD.gov.bc.ca/lrmp/robson/index.htm


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