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Big Trees of British Columbia  ~  Register of Big Trees



1. COMMON NAME:_____________________________________________________

2. LATIN NAME:________________________________________________________

3. LOCATION (describe and/or attach a map - 1:50,000 topographical map is best):



4. DESCRIBE TREE CONDITION (healthy, broken top, dead top, etc.):______________



5. STATUS OF LAND (park, private, tree farm licence, etc.):______________________

IF PRIVATE: A land owner may request that the exact location not be released to the public.
Was the landowner contacted about the release of the exact location?  YES ____   NO ___
Does the landowner want the exact location withheld from the public?  YES ____   NO ___

LANDOWNER'S NAME:                                                                                                                                                   

LANDOWNER'S PHONE:                                             E-MAIL:                                                                                     

6. DATE OF MOST RECENT MEASUREMENT:________________________________

Record measurements in either metric or imperial, depending on the system you used. Do not convert your measurements from one system to the other.

CIRCUMFERENCE(1.37 m / 4.5 ft above average ground level):______________


AVERAGE CROWN SPREAD: ______________

MEASURED BY:__________________________________ Phone:_______________

List qualifications (forester, engineer, surveyor, technician, etc.)


7. PHOTOGRAPHS (preferably one shot of entire tree and one of base, including a reference for scale - attach to this page and include a signed model release form if any people appear in photograph).

8. NOMINATOR:_____________________________  PHONE: _______________________



DATE NOMINATED:_________________________________


Please submit to:

B.C. Conservation Data Centre
Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management
P.O. Box 9993 Station Provincial Government
Victoria, BC. V8W 9R7

PHONE: (250) 356-0928
FAX: (250) 387-2733

Big Trees of British Columbia  ~  Register of Big Trees

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