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  • Air Data Management System Login required - Provides time series data from sites throughout the province for analysis and monitoring of air quality.

  • Online Cadastre - provides internet access to British Columbia Crown land cadastral information. Online Cadastre will prove to be a valuable tool to anyone researching the legal parcel structure of Crown land and will provide a link to the GATOR system for the purchase of Crown land tenure information.

  • Crown Land Registry - TANTALIS-X (GATOR) Login required - Government Access Tool for On-line Retrieval. Allows easy, pre-formatted access to registries data and digital survey plans. Find the status of information affecting Crown Land, such as: survey, license, access, return, and restrictions.

  • Data Registry - The Data Registry communicates the existence, availability, delivery, use and meaning of data or information sources within British Columbia resource ministries. Information Sources may be in the form of electronic databases, collections of paper, specific applications or physical collections of items.a Library Card Catalogue. The catalogue provides a list of what information sources are available, and data that describes the information source, so that one can determine: if this information source will meet their needs, how they can gain access to the data, and how to interpret the data so that is can be used correctly.

  • Broad Ecosystem Inventory - classifies and maps generalized ecosystem units across British Columbia.

  • Electronic Project Information Centre - Provides access to environmental accessment reports and project information.

  • Fisheries Data Queries - Provides access to fisheries data including lake and stream surveys, lake depth maps, fish stockings, and known fish distributions.

  • Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory Report Index - Easy access to Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory Reports.

  • Fish Wizard - Presents the most recent information about British Columbia lakes and streams and the fish in them, including salmon escapements, fish stocking records and depth maps for over 2,500 lakes. Enables users to create maps or summary reports by following a few simple steps in sequence.

  • BC Geographic Names Information System (BCGNIS) - Explores British Columbia's geographical names and naming principles.

  • LandData BC Login required - Order land information data from different BC Government sources.

  • Map Services - Southern Interior Region.

  • Mineral Tenure (MiDA) - search record (attribute) information for: Free Miner, Tenure, Lot.

  • BC Soils Information - A comprehensive site for consolidating, managing and maintaining existing provincial soils information to better enable management of BC resources.

  • Strategic Land Use Plans Information and Monitoring - an interactive site which allows the user the to query the status of various Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMPs) in British Columbia. The site provides a provincial overview of LRMP completion with the ability to then select a specific plan to determine recommended and approved land use zoning as well as associated documents and reports. Other data themes include: transportation infrastructure, lakes and rivers, administrative boundaries, districts and land management regions, and towns, cities and municipalities. This site is updated periodically when LRMPs are completed, approved, or reviewed.

  • Water - River Forecast and Snow Surveys - Staff of the River Forecast Centre (RFC) collect and interpret snow, meteorological and streamflow data to provide warnings and forecasts of meteorological and streamflow data are collected by other agencies, but the RFC is the lead agency in the province for the collection, quality control, analysis an archiving of snow data.

  • Water - Aquifers - A site that inventories and prioritizes aquifers for planning, management and protection of the Province's groundwater resource.

  • Water Licenses Query - provides access to data about active water licences and water licence applications.

  • Water Well Application - WELL - provides access to data about existing wells and the ability to add new wells to the system.

  • Wildlife - Rare and Endangered Elements - gateway to information about endangered species in BC - (Sub-applications: BC Species Explorer, Terrestrial Information IMS application, Biotics 4, and REEDS to Master Warehouse Replication).

Login required Indicates login is required, but there may be an anonymous (public) access area as well.

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