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The Land Title Branch registers ownership of land in British Columbia and is responsible for the accuracy and security of title for all privately held land parcels. Land Title Offices provide the following services:

  • Registration of title - The land title office verifies ownership every time a property is sold, mortgaged, or other interests are created.
  • Land title searches - A title search will ascertain the owner of a particular parcel of land and any charges or liens registered on the title.
  • Copies of documents and survey plans - When searching a title, copies of related documents, such as transfers, mortgages, easements, judgements, and subdivision or strata plans may be required.

To access land title records:

  • Go to the land title office if there is one in your community.
  • Go to the local Government Agents office.
  • Hire a land title search agent (look in the yellow pages under "Title Service")
  • Use BC Online, an online information system for frequent users.

The Land Title Branch publishes various documents and educational materials; see under Contents.

Updated: August 6, 2002

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