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Two-Zone System for Mining
Two-Zone Brochure

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Ministry of Energy and Mines

A Two-Zone System for Mineral Exploration and Mining in BC

The Province recognizes that stimulating investment in mineral exploration and mining is fundamental to a strong, competitive and vibrant provincial economy. A key factor in attracting investment is certainty regarding access to land for development of provincial mineral resources. To enhance this certainty and to assist in changing negative perceptions about mineral investment in BC, a "two-zone system" for mineral exploration and mining has been clearly established for the province. This two-zone system identifies lands that are closed to mineral development and those that are open to mineral exploration and mining, subject to applicable legislation.

The two-zone system recognizes the challenges faced in exploring for a hidden resource. While the two-zone approach is not a new concept, it has now been confirmed in legislation through an amendment to the Mineral Tenure Act. As it is expected that a wide range of audiences will be interested in understanding the implications of the two-zone system, particularly as applied to land use planning or to permitting for mineral activities, an information brochure has been created jointly by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management.

A copy of the brochure can be found at:



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Last Updated: 01/14/03

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