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Special Management Zone Working Group Project

SMZ Background
“Special management zones” (SMZs) are zones or areas which are to be managed in such a way as to minimize the risk of undesirable impacts on the important or sensitive resource attributes that are identified for each SMZ. Nearly all of BC’s strategic land use plans identify SMZ’s and an example would be in the Prince George Land and Resource Management Plan.

The SMZ Working Group
To address sectoral concerns about SMZ implementation and their impact on industry, government established a SMZ Working Group in 1998. The Working Group was comprised individuals with a variety of interests and perspectives with a mandate to make recommendations on ways to improve the implementation of SMZ objectives.

The Working Group formed subcommittees to investigate three SMZ-related subjects:

(1) the status of SMZs,
(2) planning, referral and approval in SMZs, and
(3) economic development activities in SMZs.

The final report of January 2000 details the recommendations of the Working Group; recommendations that identify ways to improve the delivery of SMZ objectives. The Working Group has produced other documents detailing the findings of its three subcommittees including:

Other material related to the Working Group’s activities include:

Niuts SMZ, Cariboo-Chilcotin

SMZ Working Group Reports

SMZ Working Group Meeting Minutes and Updates

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