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Safeguarding capability

Document Safeguarding Capability (DSC) is the approval granted by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD), at a specific sensitivity level, to a private sector organization in order to safeguard Canadian and foreign government sensitive information and assets on its premises.

When a private sector organization wishes to bid on a contract that calls for the handling and protection of protected or classified government information or assets at their site, they must request registration in order to obtain either a Designated Organization Screening (DOS) or a Facility Security Clearance (FSC) with DSC.

A PWGSC Field Industrial Security Officer (FISO) will inspect the organization's site to assess if it meets the physical and administrative requirements necessary for the performance of the required sensitive work. When a determination has been made that the organization can adequately safeguard sensitive information or assets, CISD will grant the firm DSC at the required level.

DSC With Production

Production is required when an organization is manufacturing, repairing, modifying and working on sensitive components or items on its premises. An assessment of the firm's ability to protect the sensitive components or items during the production process will be made by a FISO. Once it has been determined that the organization meets the necessary requirements, the organization will be approved for Production by CISD .