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We'll be happy to add you to our Directory of Publishers if you will send us the following information for your free, no-obligation listing. We'll also provide you with other free publicity at our website, and we'll send you additional details about other Stone & Stone services.

If, however, we're unfamiliar with your business, it may be necessary for us to request a copy of your catalog, books, or other information before we can add you to the Directory and provide other free services.

We're also very interested in reviewing non-fiction, WWII-related titles at our website and would appreciate any review titles you would like to send for our consideration. However, while we review a great many WWII books and will be glad to consider yours, we can offer no guarantees in that regard.

Remember, we do as much as we can for as many as we can, but that doesn't mean we can do everything for everyone!

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