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Antonio J. Munoz

Antonio J. Munoz forwarded five of his "Axis Europa, Inc" publications and we offer brief reviews here.

These are all 48-64 page, 8.5"x11", softcover booklets of highly specialized order-of-battle, organization, and equipment data for minor Axis nations and formations. The production standards are quite amateurish and overtly "desk-top" (and even hand-drawn) in nature, but that's all rather beside the point. The real raison d'etre here is obscure units, obscure TO&E;'s, obscure uniforms, obscure officers, and obscure photographs. In the realm of dim and little-known minor Axis units, Munoz reigns.

Munoz, Antonio J. Lions of the Desert: Arab Volunteers in the German Army, 1941-1945. In Tunisia, Greece, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. This is probably more than Rashid Ali or the Grand Mufti knew about Hitler's Arab troops.

Kursietis, Andris J. The Hungarian Army and Its Leadership in World War II. Mostly thumbnail biographies (and photos) of Hungarian generals, but also OBs and the Second Army on the Russian Front. How many other books include Hungary in their tables of comparative military ranks?

Munoz, Antonio J. Hitler's Eastern Legions, volume one: The Baltic Schutzmannschaft. German administration of the Baltic states, recruitment of Baltic forces, and month-by-month chronology of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian units in German service.

Munoz, Antonio J. The Kaminiski Brigade: A History. Brutality, banditry, and barbarism. Not a pretty picture.

Munoz, Antonio J. Herakles and the Swastika: Greek Volunteers in the German Army, Police, and SS, 1943-1945. Greek collaborationist regiments and battalions, German- and Bulgarian-sponsored, and the anti-partisan war.

Axis Europa is not always completely clear on its sources for OBs, maps, or photos (often quite unusual), nor do the booklets always contain full footnotes and bibliographies, but Mr Munoz can take credit for shining his light into some of the least-explored crannies of the war.

Available from mail order booksellers, local bookshops, or directly from Axis Europa, Inc.

Thanks to Axis Europa for providing these review copies (and also a copy of "Axis Europa Magazine", their quarterly journal).

Reviewed 11 November 1996


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