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This is the guide to Stone & Stone's Second World War Books website. We've been online since September 1995 and offer a wide variety of features and services for visitors, authors, publishers, and booksellers.

Table of Contents for the Guide
Links in this Table of Contents will take you to the appropriate explanatory sections of the Guide, not to the webpages themselves.

What we do

What we do

The first thing to remember is that we do NOT stock or sell books or anything else!

Since 1995, we've been a clearinghouse for information about books concerning World War II, the authors of those books, their publishers, and the new and secondhand booksellers who make those books available. In addition, we provide a wide range of book reviews, historical essays, an online WWII order-of-battle database, listings of books shows, an entertaining WWII Trivia Challenge, annual Top Ten voting to select the best books of the year, and more. We make all this information available at no charge via our website to anyone who's interested. Here's our guide to what we make available.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

News & Information

Our "News & Information" page is really the center of the website. Almost every day we post something new to the page, so you'll find it a very dynamic and up-to-date source of book news. If you bookmark our website—please do!—the "News & Information" page is the best URL to mark.

The body of the "News & Information" page is a daily chronology of book intelligence, and this should usually be your starting point whenever you're exploring our site or seeking specific information. Here you'll find, in daily sequence, everything there is to know about the new and used WWII book business. The page contains entries for the current month and the previous month, with the older data being removed on the first day of the new month.

Those older months go off to separate pages, and they can be reached from the links at the bottom of the "News & Information" page. While much of the news from older months grows rapidly stale, you can also find useful book reviews, book surveys, and other valuable information that was presented in months gone past. See also the Archives section below.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Book publishers

This Directory page provides complete contact information for dozens of book publishers who specialize in or produce substantial numbers of volumes about the Second World War. The publishers themselves help keep this page current, and it serves as an "online yellow pages" for customers who want to contact them.

Besides the contact information (phone, fax, mail, email, URL), entries on the Directory also provide information about the publisher and often list several of the newest titles being offered. Some of these publishers sell directly to consumers; others will gladly direct you to retailers who can provide the books you want.

Following the hyperlinks on the Directory page will take you far beyond the bounds of our own website, but, hey, that's what the Web is all about.

If you are a publisher of World War II books—or know of one—who's not on our Directory, please notify us so we can correct that oversight. Standard entries on our list are free of charge (but we do require verification of your business).

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Book authors

Want to know what's up with your favorite WWII writer? Check our Directory of Authors page. Here we present many of the most popular authors and historians working in the field today. Each author's entry includes a brief list of his or her most important titles, mostly ones we've reviewed elsewhere at our site. Better yet, many of these writers have provided extra information on their own private pages within our Second World War Books system, so you can click on the "More Information" link to see the author's email address, the URL of his own books website, and—in many cases—news directly from the author about his latest WWII-related projects. Note that each author enters and edits his own information at his own private entry here through our password-protected update system, so he is entirely responsible for its content as well as its accuracy and timeliness.

If you're the author of a nonfiction WWII-related title in our online book database—our you think your book should be there—and you would like a free entry on the Directory of Authors page, please notify us so we can explain how this works.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Our "Bibliography"

These are certainly the most extensive and data-rich pages at our website. They are designed to help readers, researchers, and collectors find complete bibliographic data for WWII-related books. You can access the book database via the "Books" tab or via the Quick-Finder feature, and links from the directories for authors, publishers, series, etc also lead to individual books within the bibliography.

Of course, remember the first sentence under "What we do": we don't  sell books! When you see a book listed in our bibliography, that doesn't mean we can sell it to you; you'll still need to contact a publisher or bookseller who can provide it. But, armed with data from our bibliographic pages, the contact information in our "Publisher Directory" and "Bookseller Directory", and our free "Book Search Service" page, your task should be much easier.

(We strive to include only reputable businesses in our databases, but it is your responsibility to make appropriate inquiries before purchasing anything. Caveat emptor.)

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Table of Contents for this Guide

The News Archives

Almost every day we post fresh announcements about a wide variety of subjects to our "News & Information" page. As those announcements "roll off the bottom" of the page, they're saved for future reference and can be accessed through our "Archives" page. This page contains links to all the old monthly files of "News & Information."

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Book reviews

In an average week we post one or two book reviews at our website. These are reviews of new, recent, and important older non-fiction WWII-related titles. Although these titles are almost invariably provided by the publishers, we're beholden to no one, and these are our honest, unbiased opinions of the books.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Trivia challenge

Have you been keeping up with your Second World War reading? Just for fun, try our trivia challenge to see how much you really know about World War II. Questions are served randomly from our growing "TriviaBase", range from very easy to very hard, and the answers provide links to books for further reading.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

New & Forthcoming Books

This page, as with many of our features, is actually an online database served on demand to visitors who want to find out about the latest military book releases and upcoming military titles. Visitors can view the information arranged by author, title, publisher, and date of release.

In addition to providing information about release dates, the system allows you to request email notification when books are published. Just select the titles you're interested in, enter your email address (it won't be used for any other purpose or provided to anyone else), and as soon as the book is published you'll receive an email notification from us. No muss, no fuss. No charge, no obligation.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Armies of the Second World War

While not strictly book-related, this information is the result of much research in books about World War II. "Armies of the Second World War" is an online database of day-by-day orders of battle and information about hundreds of division, brigade, and regiment-sized units in World War II. Information currently available in the database covers Commonwealth, Dominion, Colonial, Exile, and "Minor" Allied armies in Europe, Africa, and western Asia from 1 September 1939 through 7 May 1945. As time permits, we hope to continue adding additional information for more units, more armies, and more theaters.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

History Pages

Over the years we've written quite a few essays about WWII-related topics, and they're all collected here, including such obscure topics as the war between Siam and French Indochina in 1940 and 1941, Iceland in the Second World War, and the Invasion of British Somaliland. We also offer a photo album of more than 100 of the most important world political leaders from the years 1939-1945.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

War Diary

Our War Diary features thousands of carefully researched chronological entries relating to the daily progress of the Second World War. In addition, each daily entry includes links to all the books available about topics relevant to that particular event. Furthermore, each of our thousands of bibliographical topics contains a link to all the daily War Diary entries on file relating to that topic. This comprises an incredibly useful cross-referenced tool for discovering what happened, when it happened, and tracking down books containing more details.

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Recommended Reading

Out of all the thousands of books we own, read, review, announce, and/or enjoy during our ongoing work on this website, some strike our fancy more than others. The "Recommended Reading" page is an eclectic selection of some of our personal favorites. They come and go whenever we feel like it. Just a page where we can share some of the titles that keep us feeling good about WWII-related books....

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Table of Contents for this Guide

Privacy Policy and Cookies

We don't use logins, usernames, passwords, or secret codes here. We don't use names or IDs. We don't use or allow trackers or fingerprinters or beacons. We don't buy or sell anything, so we have no credit card data or payment info. We don't collect or store any kind of personal data because we don't use it and we don't want it. We don't like having our own personal data compromised, so we don't collect or store your data.

We don't collect email addresses, and you never need to use one at our site. If you provide your email address to us, it's because you're asking to receive specific information from us, such as notification of book availability. After we send the information you've requested, your email address is automatically deleted (unless you've requested more information that remains pending). That's all we use it for. Nothing else. Even if we have your email address, we don't know your name. We don't know who you, or where you are, or anything else of that nature. We don't buy or sell anything, so we have no need to waste your time or ours by sending out spam. We don't sell, rent, lease, trade, share, or in any way provide your email address to anyone or any entity at any time. Ever. We don't like getting spammed, so we don't do that to you.

We set cookies (small strings of text that reside in your browser) in order to improve your navigational experience at our site. Your cookie only knows about the book, author, publisher, and series pages you visit at Stone & Stone, so you can easily find those pages again. That's all we use it for. Nothing else. The cookie doesn't know who you are, where you are, your email address, other sites you've visited, or anything else of that nature, and we don't want to know any of that. The cookie doesn't track or recognize or profile you across multiple websites, devices, or browsers. We don't sell, rent, lease, trade, share, or in any way provide our little morsel of cookie data to anyone or any entity at any time. Ever. We don't use cookies for analytics or sales or marketing. We don't install or use any third-party cookies whatsoever, and that includes no Google, no FaceBook, no advertisers, etc. We're not into traffic analysis, Big Data, or search engine optimization. We don't like cookies that track us, so we don't do that to you. By using our site, you consent to use of our cookie.

The Web was much less complicated when we started this site in 1995.

Table of Contents for this Guide



We don't buy, stock, publish, or sell books or anything else.
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