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Unless otherwise indicated, all material researched, written, and copyrighted by Bill Stone for publication in various venues online and elsewhere. Feel free to point links at these pages, but reproduction of this material, electronic or otherwise, is prohibited without prior permission in writing from Stone & Stone.

Vichy and Pearl Harbor

Vichy Indo-China vs Japan, 1940

Vichy OB in Indo-China, 1940-1945

Vichy Indo-China vs Siam, 1940-1941

Siam Goes to War

Operation Exporter: Invasion of the French Levant

Operation Ironclad: Invasion of Madagascar

Japanese Submarines at Madagascar and the Mozambique Channel

Rashid Ali and the Golden Square at War

Iceland in the Second World War

The Northern Rhodesia Regiment

The Invasion of British Somaliland

Operation Felix: Assault on Gibraltar

Free French Divisions

Afghanistan during World War II

Photo Gallery: World Political Leaders, 1939-1945

Photo Gallery: American Military Leaders, 1939-1945

Photo Gallery: British Military Leaders, 1939-1945

Photo Gallery: German Military Leaders, 1939-1945



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