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Armed Forces of World War II
Worldwide OBs

Australian official history volumes
Digitized and made available online by the Australian War Memorial

The Belgian Air Force... World War II

British & Commonwealth Orders of Battle
OBs and unit histories from Steve Rothwell

Comando Supremo
Italy at War

Jim Controvich
An enormous library of U.S. Army unit and organizational histories

WWII wargaming

European Royalty during World War II
Biographies and family trees for the Royal Houses of Europe, 1939-1945

Forgotten Campaign
The Dutch East Indies Campaign, 1941-1942

France 1940
The best site for French and Vichy OBs and material

Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day
Database of every FDR appointment and activity, 1933-1945

The Generals
of World War II

German Armed Forces in World War II
Unit histories from Jason Pipes

German Divisional Histories
A bibliography of key books

German Lage Ost maps
June 1941 through December 1941

Ghost Bombers
Nick Beale's Luftwaffe site

Hitler's Third Reich and World War Two
In the news

HyperWar Project
Digitized, online editions of US and British official histories and more

Italian Official Histories: North Africa
Translated into English

Italian Official Histories: Naval
Translated into English

Lexikon der Wehrmacht
OBs, commanding officers, etc (in German)

Militaria Magazine
For World War II collectors

New Zealand Official Histories
Online editions digitized by the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Norway 1940
A great deal of information, including detailed OBs

Orders of
Second World War Military Database from Reg Danford-Cordingley

Stalingrad Data
Online projects and publishing

Home of the world's first fighting jets

U-Web: The U-boat War
German submarine operations in World War II

US Navy in the Pacific, 1941-1945
Ships, battles, admirals, and more

From the US Army
Day by day timeline for V-2 attacks, 1944-45

World War II Armed Forces
Dr Leo Niehorster's Orders of Battle and Organizations

World War II at Sea
From Naval-History.Net

World War II day by day
Daily reports, maps, photos, and more

World War II Oral History
Aaron Elson's interviews with veterans

World War II unit histories and officers
From Hans Houterman and Jeroen Koppes



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