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Sonic DVD Producer 3.1.1 Download

Sonic DVD Producer 3.1.1 Download

Sonic is pleased to announce the release of DVD Producer, Sonic's next-generation DVD authoring system. DVD Producer is a free upgrade for all Sonic DVD Fusion for Windows customers, and will run with existing DVD Fusion for Windows activator key codes. Available in software-only and workstation configurations, DVD Producer Software Version 3.1.1 is ready for immediate download below.

What is DVD Producer?

Designed for corporate video and multimedia professionals, Sonic DVD Producer is an integrated and complete system for the Windows platform that combines revolutionary and breakthrough technology for DVD-Video and DVD-ROM authoring. Featuring JumpAnywhere™ advanced point-and-click navigation programming that eliminates all user-scripting while delivering advanced interactivity; OpenDVD™-compliant authoring; real-time bit-for-bit project proofing; Sonic's Hollywood-proven multiplexing and formatting engine; WriteDirect™ single step output to a full range of DVD-Recordable devices. DVD Producer also includes real-time MPEG video transcoding from FireWire and comprehensive DVD-ROM authoring, providing the world's only dual-layer ROM authoring solution.

What is OpenDVD?

Until now, DVD-Video has been a static medium - once the DVD-Video content on a disc was finalized, it was a major task to make even minor modifications, and reconstruction of the entire disc from the original source files was required. The new OpenDVD specification revolutionizes this concept, and transforms a finished DVD into a dynamic content carrier.

The OpenDVD specification defines an open, fully compatible standard that enhances the DVD experience for the end-user, offering the following added capabilities:

  • An OpenDVD disc may be "opened" and its contents revised, turning DVD from a static medium into a living archive.

  • An Open DVD disc may be edited without reference to any original source materials; everything needed to create a revised project is resident on the disc itself.

  • An OpenDVD disc maintains the full feature-set of the DVD-Video format, and is completely compatible with recordable/rewritable DVD and CD media.

  • An Open DVD disc may be edited in any of Sonic's OpenDVD-compliant authoring applications, regardless of the system originally used to author the disc.
  • Please visit our new online support center at if you experience problems.

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