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DVDit! Support Frequently Asked Questions
File Format Questions:
What file types does DVDit! support?
What are the differences between elementary streams and system streams?
What are the restrictions on the types of MPEG-2 video files that will work with DVDit?
Can I import a third-party Dolby Digital (AC-3) file into DVDit?
Known Issues:
My set top DVD player claims that it can read CD-R but it doesn't seem to read the DVD data on the CD-R. Why?
Why is the Audio_ts folder empty??
Requirements and Recommendations:
What DVD recorders and media are recommended at this time?
What CD recorders are recommended?
My CD recorder is not on the DVDit! compatibility list. Can I still make a CD with DVD data?
What SCSI cards are recommended?
Are dual-processor systems supported?
Tip and Tricks:
Can I create a CD-R with DVD content on it?
How can I make a video sequence of more than one clip without a menu? Can I divide a clip into chapters?

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