About TweetDeck Columns

TweetDeck allows you to create columns for specific content that interests you most.

To create a column:

  1. Click Add Column in the top navigation bar, which will open a menu that allows selection of several column types (listed below).
  2. Once you’ve created a column, you can click Back to add another column or click the [x] in the top right corner to close the menu.

Types of columns and what they do

Aggregated columns

Aggregated columns show updates from all of the accounts you’ve added to the TweetDeck app in a single column.

The Home column will be one of the first columns you’ll see when you log into TweetDeck for the first time. It contains updates from all the accounts you’ve added to TweetDeck--both Twitter and Facebook.

Similar to the Home column, the Me column provides an easy way to see your Twitter Mentions from all of your accounts--as well as Facebook notifications--in a single column.

Likewise, your inbox column gives you access to Direct Messages from all your added Twitter accounts in a single column. Respond to a DM, and it will automatically use the appropriate account.

TweetDeck gives you the ability to schedule a Tweet to be posted at a later time. The scheduled column will show all tweets that are waiting to be published, giving you the opportunity to edit or delete them if necessary.

Account-specific columns

If you only wish to see specific updates for an individual account, you can use any of the below columns to do so.

Nothing new here: this column shows the latest from the timeline of the selected account. This is the equivalent of your timeline on Twitter.com or Facebook.com

The interactions is a new column that provides updates on a Twitter account’s new followers as well as mentions and Tweets that have been favorited or retweeted by others.

If you’d like to see only Mentions of a particular Twitter account, the Mentions column is still available and will do just that.

Want to know what people are saying about a particular topic? Need to follow a story in real time? Want to know just how often people use the word “acrimony”? With the search column, you get real-time updates for any search query.

If you’ve created a list with any of your Twitter accounts, they’ll be available to view as a column here.

The messages column will show the Direct Messages of any single Twitter account. Want to see all the DMs from your various accounts in the same place? Use the inbox column.

Millions of users each day follow their interests and share their perspective; the trends column lets you follow what’s being said on any global trend or hashtag.

Want to see the last thing you’ve said? Want a column of Tweets from a single user? Use the Tweets column to show the latest Tweets from any public Twitter account, including one of your own.

With the favorites column, you can see the latest favorites from any account you’ve added. You can also use this column to see favorites for any other public Twitter account.

The activity column shows what’s happening with the people you follow: who they’re following and what Tweets they’ve marked as favorites. This is a great tool for discovering something new.

The Facebook column allows you to see the stream of updates that come from your Facebook account.

Need help?

Our TweetDeck Troubleshooting article lists known issues and solutions to common problems.

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